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Yucca Valley Planning Commission welcomes new Chairman

The annual transition of the Chairman occurred at last night’s Yucca Valley Planning Commission meeting. Former Vice Chair Gerard Noonan was elected to the role of Chairman, with Commissioner Alejandro Vasconcelos elected as his Vice Chair. Former Chair Clint Stoker stepped down from his lead role to kind words from his fellow Commissioners, including Commissioner Henderson.

“I will start off by thanking former Chair Stoker for his year of service as Chairman. I know what it’s like to be in the role, as does Commissioner Thomas, and it’s a great responsibility to run fair meetings and get everybody’s views and opinions across. Your contractor experience really helped us navigate a lot of technical issues, so thank you for that.”

Chair Noonan and Vice Chair Vasconcelos will act in their respective roles for the next year.

An exterior rendering for the Star Cafe, located at 55761 Twentynine Palms Highway.

The Planning Commission reviewed an Environmental Assessment and Site Plan for the Star Cafe, a new restaurant, retail space, coffee shop, and bar located at 55761 Twentynine Palms Highway. The Commission voted to approve the building of an 8-foot wall and to remove the site’s previous conditions of approval; including nearly $50,000 in in-lieu fees for site improvements. Several Commissioners advised that despite the vote, the business should consider the value sidewalk improvements add to accommodating customer foot traffic.

The Commission approved an Exterior Color Change for Schroeder Plumbing in its new location near the library and the Tiny Pony. Future agenda items include commercial special events and code changes for street food vendors; research on the topic is expected to be heard by the Town Council next month before it will return to the Planning Commission.

Adeline J. Wells

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