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Yucca Valley Planning Commission reviewed the Land Use Development Report

Yucca Valley Town Staff got straight to the Land Development Report.

Starbucks West in the Stater Bros. parking lot is working on its traffic impact analysis. Star Cafe, and Chipotle, are in the building and safety plan check process.

Dominos is making progress, and Quack Quack Car Wash is preparing its site for construction.

A site plan has been filed for a new hotel on the South East corner of Buena Vista and 247.

The plans for the five-acre parcel include 320 ft individual pods and a clubhouse building with a full kitchen.

Century Communications may require CEQA documentation. Nice Dreams may require a parking variance.

Former Travel Lodge has inquired about the signage, and they have a permit to improve the rooms.

The Airport district is repaving its runway in August. Renovations have started on the inside of Sizzler for Black Bear Diner.

The meeting ended with Chair Clint Stoker mentioning he had been getting calls on the Bear Statues for the Black Bear Diner. At the May 10 Yucca Valley Town Planning meeting, there was a lengthy discussion on the Bears and the Town’s signage regulations. The Bears were denied but the conversation ended with a request that a review of the signage rules be brought up for future discussion.

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