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A man was seriously injured when a pack of dogs attacked him in Wonder Valley Wednesday evening. According to a Sheriff’s report, the man was walking near Barbara Lane and Valle Vista Road about 7 p.m. when three to five dogs attacked and mauled him. The man suffered severe injuries from the attack, including multiple bites on his legs. He was taken to Desert Hospital in Palm Springs because of the severity of his injuries. Sheriff’s deputies were unable to locate the dogs.
Walking in the desert can be a relaxing way to exercise but encountering aggressive dogs can be terrifying and dangerous. Managing editor Tami Roleff offers these tips about how to protect yourself if you are threatened by loose dogs…
Dog attacks can be vicious and bloody. Reduce your risk of attack by being prepared. If you can, avoid walking in areas where loose dogs roam. Dogs in packs are especially dangerous. If a dog threatens you, don’t turn your back on it or run away, as dogs can easily outrun you. Don’t make direct eye contact. In a firm, loud, and deep voice, tell the dog to SIT, STOP, or GO HOME. Carry protection with you on walks, like a golf club, walking stick, stun baton, cattle prod, or pepper spray. If a dog charges you, use anything handy—like the club or stick, or a purse, or backpack, as a barrier between you and the dog. If you are attacked, shove the club or stick or your arm—wrapped with a jacket—down the dog’s throat and push hard. Wait to spray the dog with pepper spray until you can spray it directly in the eyes.

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