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Joshua Tree Humane Society no-kill shelter waiting on new permits

On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) was signed into federal law. In June 2022, San Bernardino County gave 200,000 to the Morongo Basin Human Society to fund the upgrading and replacement of the Joshua Tree no-kill shelter. The Humane Society Board is currently working with SBC Land Use to obtain permits for the upgrade.

During a recent Up-Close show on Z107.7, Gary Daigneault spoke to San Bernardino Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe and County Liaison Glen Harris about a project that is dear to both – the renovation of the Joshua Tree no-kill Shelter.

Seeing the need, Supervisor Rowe encouraged the ARPA funds to go to the Joshua Tree no-kill shelter.

Supervisor Rowe: “When federal funds were given to us for the America rescue plan act, what we call ARPA funds, to use it for areas we felt within our own districts that needed help. I decided that that was one of the best things that I could have done for the Morongo Basin was for the animals and the no-kill shelter at that time.

Liaison Harris said “We are working to build all new kennels, not build. We’re hoping to buy those prefab ones that are state-of-the-art. It’s a modular type of system that we can build on.”

Shelter Manager Angel Donahue said the original shelter was created in the 80s and became a no-kill facility in 2005 with room for fifty animals. That number has been increased to around 80. The new facility will hold more. The Morongo Basin Humane Society Board is working with County Land Use to procure the necessary permits. That takes time.

Animal Control has become a priority all over the county for people and animals. Both Harris and Rowe want to encourage people to spay and neuter their animals and adopt animals needing a home.

Superintendent Rowe said her plea to people is to not pay for animals. “There are lots of animals to adopt.”

Donahue said they are always looking for donations for the maintenance and the build. To donate, go to

To hear the full interview with Superintendent Chair Rowe and Community Liaison Glen Harris, you can listen to the “Up Close” Show on

After a long successful career as a Photostylist and producer in New York and Los Angeles, Hilary Sloane moved to the Morongo Basin and began a new career as a journalist and documentary photographer, getting a journalism certification from Michigan…

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