More and more people are buying online, which is certainly convenient, but it also makes it easier for thieves to steal packages that are left on front porches. The Sheriff’s Department reports that “porch pirates” have become a real problem, that has only been intensified by the pandemic. Here with some tips on how to prevent porch pirates from stealing your packages is reporter Joe Rego…

Package thieves rely on the fact that many owners are not home for most of the day. To make it harder for porch pirates to steal your packages, have your orders shipped to your workplace. Alternatively, if you know that your neighbors will be home, ask them to pick up and hold your package until you get home. If you are usually home during the day, request that the shipper require a signature, so the package isn’t just left at your door without you knowing it’s there. You can also install visible security cameras (and post notices around your yard). Security cameras often deter thieves from stealing your packages. And don’t forget to stop your mail if you go out of town, so your package isn’t sitting out in the open until you get home again.’’

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