The Sheriff’s Department is searching for a Twentynine Palms woman who was last seen in the area Saturday. About 7 a.m. Saturday, Erin Corwin, 20, told her husband she was going to look for hiking trails in Joshua Tree National Park that she could hike with her mother when her mother arrives later this week, and has not returned. Corwin is three months pregnant. Her car, a blue 2013 Toyota Corolla, is also missing, although a possible sighting was reported in Joshua Tree National Park about 8 a.m. Saturday. Anyone with information about Erin Corwin should call the Sheriff’s Department at 760-366-4175.

Erin Corwin 2 Erin Corwin

Erin Corwin 3


  • DeeAnna

    Is there anyway to get a picture posted to this article? She’s my sister in law and I can provide a picture if necessary. Thanks!

  • Kim

    Sending prayers up constantly from Oak Ridge!

  • Pam Bakker

    Praying for the family for a safe return!

  • melinda

    Is there a seach party set up yet?

  • praying for her safe return in Tennessee

  • Kathy

    We are not giving up hope. Please sheriff’s department, she is dearly loved by her immediate and extended family, find her and give us back our girl. Posting any updates?

  • Kathy Hindmarsh

    Any new updates on Erin Corein?

  • Victoria

    I know they found her car near the condor gate by the base.

  • Crystalfaith

    I’m fairly certain the car was found in my neighborhood. There were Sheriffs and Park Rangers that had the area blocked off. Sending prayers to the family.

    • ChristiB

      Living right around the area this all hits very close to home. But when you say in your neighborhood, do you live on base where they lived or in like 801 or something?

  • mike garrett

    Praying for everyone involved

  • Dawn

    Anything new to report on this?

  • Astrid Carmack

    Praying for her and the family in Knoxville, TN


  • Nan

    I can’t understand why no new updates.

  • Marcie Brown

    Any updates? These pictures are relatively new although sometimes SHE WEARS GLASSES. I was one of her coworkers in Oak Ridge and I know it’s not like Erin to approach strangers or to not be in contact with her mother. The Tractor Supply team she worked with is worried sick about her!

  • Gary Daigneault

    Updated with license number on the July 1 story

  • Nicole

    I’m confused. Many articles, including her Facebook page state she announced her pregnancy in January…why are all the reports saying she is only 3 months pregnant? So bizarre if she was indeed as far along in her pregnancy, it wouldn’t have been more concerning that she didn’t return home Saturday? Why wasn’t it reported Saturday?! Ugh. Many prayers for a safe return.

    • Z107.7 News

      Evidently she had a miscarriage but became pregnant again. Her mother told Z107.7 that she had just found out she was pregnant when she disappeared. Many times family members are told they must wait 24 hours before filing a missing persons report.

  • Alexandria

    This is such a sad story. We are at Camp Lejeune and heard about it. Sending so many prayers out for Erin Corwin and her loved ones. Please Jesus bring this young girl home to her family. Praying for all those that are working around the clock to find her as well. Alexandria and Family

  • Alexandria

    I’m curious about something. I understand you have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing which is a crazy rule to me but that being said did he go out and look for her? Did he not see her car where everyone says it was found? It seems to me that after a few hours of her not returning home he would be out scouring the base and surrounding areas. Has there been any info on that? I can’t imagine he just waited 24 hours and made a call without searching around the clock for his wife. If I’m gone for longer than I say, My husband (a Marine) checks on me nonstop to make sure I’m alright. I pray so hard they find Erin. This is heartbreaking for her family to have to sit and wait for answers.

    • mike manion

      I Totally Agree Alexandria….Husbands Behavior Strange….No 24 hour waiting period in california,besides what concerned husband would care about that anyway..they’d be dialing 911… and what pregnant woman goes to a national park in the desert no less….and alone at 7am… husbands lying…!! he never even called her mother that night….she said on the news she wasn’t called till next day on sunday

  • michelle

    I think there is something very fishy , they found her car but not her? i wonder if he or one of his buddies did something and they are covering up.
    when my hubby was missing I had to wait 24 hrs to file a missing persons report. She was young. but i hope they find her since she is pregnant

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