A skull was found in an attic in a garage in Joshua Tree Tuesday afternoon. Workers for a heating and air conditioning company were working in the attic in the 6000 block of Latham Trail in Joshua Tree about 2:30 when they found a box in the rafters, and inside the box was a human skull. Deputies brought the skull to the coroner who was in Yucca Valley investigating the homicide in the Home Depot parking lot.


  • jerrid koster

    Why were the heating and air conditioning employees going through or even opening a box in the attic? I’m sure they had no reason to be looking inside any customers boxes.

  • bob

    i know why would they go through the boxes make u wounder what either stuff they have gone through in other peoples houses and even if they have taken any thing from the homes they have worked on

    • rachel

      not everyone is a thief. this was the only box up there in a very tight space. this space was not intended for storage. Personally I am glad they found it. this is a fmily members home. they have had some crazy stuff happening in their home so this gives them answers. the box may be a forensic box since there wasn’t a full body. but who knows. Its all been said and done. don’t read too much into the little things.

  • Michelle

    My fiancé found the skull in the attic which was only a crawl space and when you see a random open cardboard box in your way, you’re going to look and GOOD THING HE DID…

  • Laura haley

    I miss the desert.Never a dull moment Ha Ha … Shout out to Gary from one of your old students from 2006.

  • Malcom Xen

    And if that box had money? People often do that. I mean, its good that they found whatever they found, But I think it’s not right that they nosy about things that do not belong to them, as workers.

    • deznorsk

      Malcom Xen, have you ever crawled through a small attic with little room to move to do a repair? If a worker has to move an item for access to the work area it’s not easy to do so without seeing what they are moving. If a mechanic working on your car saw a cardboard box in the engine compartment would it be wrong to look inside to see what it was?

  • Pauly

    That skull has more sense in it then half the folks up here in the highdesert…for sure!!

  • Laurie

    ” REALLY ” Hired professionals that we innocently hire and pay good money to too do there job .. Regardless how big or small a work space is that does not give a hired professional to ither open or look in .. If its in your way the “RIGHT” and “HONEST” thing would have been to stop and turn around and inform or ask them if they were aware of a box in there attic.. NOT open or “LOOK IN AN “OPEN” BOX” IF IN FACT IT WAS OPEN ,which I doubt very much that it was open.. ok, Think about it if you where to put a head (skull) in a box for what ever reason would you leave the box OPEN ? NO …. You would at least close it , if not tape it .. And if it was a “forensic box” it would not be in an open box in a very small crawl space in the attic .. And last, PAULY, YOU ARE 100% CORRECT That skull REALLY does have more sense in it then half the folks up here in the high desert…for sure!! COME ON PEOPLE ” THINK BEFOR YOU SPEAK ” BECAUSE MAYBE IF YOU HEARD IT IN YOUR HEAD FIRST YOU JUST MIGHT RELIZE HOW DUMB WHAT YOU WHERE ABOUT TO SAY WAS SO WAY OFF BASE .. COMMON SENCE SO FEW HAVE IT …

  • Sherry

    Amazing that there are people who would rather blame the people who found it than whoever put it there..Maybe a cold case..

  • Sam

    You are imagining what was there. That is not logic, that is fantasy. Your English is abominable. Did you go to school?

  • Cam

    Why is anyone even arguing about this? Laurie, please just shut up.

  • Terri

    Alas poor Yorick! I knew him…

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