Congress’s inability to pass a bi-partisan bill Friday to continue funding the government means that the federal government shut down at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Most federal civilian employees will be furloughed, except those considered essential. Members of the military are considered essential, and will still report to work.

A National Parks press release states that the country’s 401 national parks will remain open, although park visitor centers will be closed, and rangers will not be available for guidance, assistance, maintenance, or emergency response. No permits will be issued, trash will not be collected, restrooms and campgrounds will not be maintained, and educational programs will not be held. The press release states that campers will not be asked to leave, but no campground services will be available, including check-in/check-out, and there is no guarantee reserved campsites will be ready and available.

The National Institutes of Health will stop accepting patients and will not answer phone calls, as 77 percent of its staff is furloughed.
The Centers for Disease Control will furlough 63 percent of its staff, although it will continue to monitor the flu outbreak.
Veterans hospitals, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, air traffic controllers, federal prisons, border patrol, and the postal service will not be affected by the shutdown.

Facilities and services will close on board the Combat Center in Twentynine Palms.

• Combat Center Library will close
• Community Counseling Center will close with the exception of the Marine Intercept Program reporting
• Substance Abuse Counseling Center will remain open
• Family Advocacy will close (FAP manager will not be furloughed and will be able to handle emergency cases only)
• Sexual Assault Prevention and Response will remain open
• Education Center services will be closed. The Education Center building will be open to facilities ongoing college classes
• School Liaison, Information & Referral, Personal Financial Management, and Marine Corps Family Team Building Services will be closed
• Family readiness Officers will be furloughed
• Child Care, Transition Readiness (TRS) and Personal Readiness (PRS) services will be unaffected by the furlough

• Athletic Fields will not be mowed and maintained
• Community Center will be closed for events (the small gym will remain open)
• No recreational swimming will be offered. Officer/SNCO pool will close. Training Tank will be open for unit training only.
• Wood Hobby Shop will close
• Outdoor Adventures will close
• Intramural Sports will cease
• Youth Sports will cease
• Theater, Golf Course, Bowling Alley, ITT, HITT and Fitness Centers will not be affected by the furlough

Update: An earlier version of this story stated that military personnel would continue to be paid. Military personnel will be paid if Congress passes a bill authorizing the payment, which it is expected to do if the shutdown drags on.

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