Everyone who comes here leaves a mark on the desert. Some leave a simple footprint in the sand; others however, leave a trail of trash and debris that can only be measured by the ton. Reporter Mike Lipsitz has a report on one such trash site that is particularly troubling because of the location…

Landers’ Giant Rock sits on the edge of an undeveloped desert valley on the north side of Goat Mountain. Native Americans were drawn to Giant Rock centuries before scientists and settlers alike were attracted to the vortex of unique electromagnetic properties said to exist there. Standing as tall as a seven-story building, Giant Rock continues to attract sightseers, off-roaders, and campers who generally clean up after themselves and treat the area with respect. In recent weeks, however, visitors to the site have been horrified by an abandoned campsite just 50 yards south of the rock. There among the rocks and spread across almost two acres are scrapped tires and tents, food containers, pill bottles, toys, diapers, buckets of human waste, and more. Because the area lies within the jurisdiction of the woefully understaffed Bureau of Land Management, a volunteer cleanup is being organized by the Landers Community Association.

Z107.7 News will bring details of the cleanup once they are available. Anyone convicted of illegal dumping in San Bernardino County could face six months in jail and a $10,000 fine.


  1. I know this may sound silly but why not have the people who dumped the trash come back out and clean it up. What me and my buddies do when we find trash mainly in Pipes Wash, is we look for any mail with an address. Sometimes we’re lucky sometimes not. If we do find an address, we load up the trash and take it to the address and dump it back where it came from.
    Unfortunately as more and more low life degenerate tweakers move to this area it will be a continuing and worsening problem.

    1. I’ve used to do that too….find mail, prescription drug bottles. And call the cops. But the cops never cared! If the vandals and dumpers and shooters and criminal off-readers got busted, had their vehicles and guns confiscated, it would be an eye-opener. But the cops don’t care!! there’s zero law enforcement out here!!!

  2. I went out Sunday 8-20-17 with a few members from the Friends of Giant Rock Association and picked up a truck bed of trash, which didn’t make much of a dent! My first impression was that a large group of visitors attending a unpermitted event, left this behind. What we found was trash bags of old decayed dog droppings, numerous pieces of mail, all locally addressed to a residence on Reche RD, and common house hold trash! I was relieved by the notion that tourists did not drive hours to clean out there refrigerator and dispose of there pets waist, stopping along the way to pick up trash from local residence and abandon it all at such a historic land mark.
    It appears that someone cleaned out a entire cabin that was occupied by squatters, why they didn’t exercise the use, of their free county dump card is beyond us all?

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