Evictions resumed this month in San Bernardino County, with sheriff’s deputies processing move-out orders pending from before the coronavirus emergency started in mid-March, a sheriff’s spokeswoman said. Evictions have been on hold throughout California since the state Judicial Council issued a ban on courts processing “unlawful detainer” cases and foreclosures until 90 days after the governor lifts the current state of emergency. San Bernardino county had a backlog of 257 move-out judgments that predated the emergency. San Bernardino County deputies resumed serving notices to vacate June 10 and conducted at least 32 “lockouts” last week, sheriff’s spokeswoman Jodi Miller said. “We are only proceeding with pre-COVID-19 lockouts,” Miller said in an email. “Now that the courts are open and hearing civil cases, we are continuing to serve all writ processes.”

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