Paul Cook

The County Registrar of Voters has released the list of candidates on the ballot for the state’s March 3 primary election. Nine candidates have filed to run for the District 8 Congressional seat, currently held by Republican Paul Cook of Yucca Valley, who is retiring this year.

Tim Donnelly

Jeremy Staat

Jay Obernolte

The five Republican candidates are Jay Obernolte, Tim Donnelly, Justin David Whitehead, Jerry Laws, and Jeremy Staat.

Christine Bubser

James Ellars

Bob Conaway

Jeff Esmus

The three Democrats are Christine Bubser, James Ellars, and Bob Conaway, and the one independent candidate is Jeff Esmus.

Chad Mayes

DeniAntionette Mazingo

Andrew F. Kotyuk

Running for the State Assembly District 42 seat are incumbent Chad Mayes, who recently changed his party affiliation from Republican to No Party Preference, and Democratic challenger DeniAntionette Mazingo, and Republican Andrew F. Kotyuk.

Dawn Rowe

Eddie Tejeda

Kaisar Ahmed

Karen Ickes

Incumbent Dawn Rowe of Yucca Valley has four challengers for her seat on the Third District Board of Supervisors: Eddie Tejeda, Kaisar Ahmed, Karen Ickes, and Latron Lester.

Joel Agron

In addition, Judge Joel Agron at the Joshua Tree Courthouse has a challenger for his seat on the bench: Jason M. Liso.


Night Sky Lovers can celebrate the new year by welcoming the annual January meteor shower, the Quadrantids. Reporter Heather Clisby has the details…

Every January, earthlings of the Northern Hemisphere are treated to the Quadrantids Meteor Shower. Named for a forgotten constellation, the shower was first observed by Italian Antonio Brucalassi in 1825.

The Quadrantid shower will radiate from the northern sky but appear in all parts of the sky.  To locate, note that the radiant point of the Quadrantid shower makes an approximate right angle with the Big Dipper and the bright star, Arcturus.

Ideal viewing is likely late tonight, January 3, until early morning tomorrow, January 4, especially after 2 am. Luckily, there will be no moon in the pre-dawn hours this year, thus improving the view.  Unlike other meteor showers, the Quadrantids have a narrow peak range so some sleepless vigilance is required.

While not as long or intense as other meteor showers, the Quadrantids have been known to produce 50-100 meteors in moonless sky. As with all meteor showers and celestial matters, predictions are Earthlings’ collective guess and not a universal guarantee.


Fire significantly damaged a home in Yucca Valley Thursday morning. According to County Fire Battalion Chief Scott Tuttle, firefighters called to the 7300 block of Apache Trail at 11:10 saw fire and smoke coming from a front bedroom window when they arrived. Tuttle said an initial report was made that a person was trapped inside the home, and firefighters made an aggressive attack inside the home. However, the homeowner arrived home after firefighters, and there was no one trapped inside. Crews had the fire knocked down in about 10 minutes. The fire was contained to the one bedroom, but the house suffered significant heat, smoke, and water damage. A Sheriff’s report notes that two dogs and two cats were inside the home and did not survive. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.


A Twentynine Palms man was scammed out of $1500 by a con man who said he was a sergeant with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and that there was a warrant out for his arrest. This time the scammer wanted Home Depot gift cards. The Sheriff’s Department reminds residents that you can’t avoid arrest by giving someone gift cards or using a prepaid money card. If you get such a call, hang up and call the Sheriff’s Department at 760-366-4175.


Applications to serve on the county’s 2020-2021 grand jury are being accepted through this February. Reporter Mike Lipsitz explains who can apply, how to apply, and what a grand juror does…

Qualified candidates for the county grand jury will be U.S. citizens of good character and sound judgement, age 18 and above, and have resided in the county for at least a year prior to appointment. The Civil Grand Jury is charged with investigating all aspects of the county, including cities and special districts. The grand jury can also potentially hear information on certain criminal investigations. The grand jury meets in San Bernardino where jurors serve three to five days per week on average. The year-long appointment begins July 1, 2020.

To apply or for more information, visit the grand jury’s website at or call the Grand Jury Assistant at 909-387-9120.

Interested citizens are encouraged to apply on-line at

The Civil Grand Jury is charged by the California Penal Code to investigate all aspects of the county, including cities and special districts, and also potentially hear information on certain criminal investigations. All communications to the Grand Jury are confidential and every signed citizen complaint is responded to after investigated. Service as a Grand Juror involves an average of three to five full working days per week, which is compensated at $60 per day with appropriate mileage. The regular Grand Jury meeting place is located in the City of San Bernardino.
Other requirements include sufficient knowledge of English, possession of natural faculties, of ordinary intelligence, sound judgment, and good character. By law, elected public officials are not eligible.