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Tim Humphreville, the chair of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission, told Mayor Robert Lombardo in a phone call last week that he plans to resign from the Planning Commission effective November 1. Former Council Member Frank Luckino named Humphreville to the Planning Commission in 2010; his appointment was confirmed by the Town Council, 4 votes to 1, with then-Council Member Lori Herbel dissenting. Humphreville has been a contentious—and controversial—planning commissioner during the nearly four years he has served. Humphreville was often the sole supporter of allowing residents to sell firearms from their homes. In addition, Humphreville—and, it should be noted, other commissioners as well—approved revisions to the Town’s native plant ordinance that removed protections for many native plants. Humphreville’s replacement will be named and appointed at a subsequent Town Council meeting. In addition, Meredith Jones, a member of the Parks, Rec, and Cultural Commission, plans to retire from that commission next month.