Due to the “stay-at-home” mandate in the face of the COVID-19, tonight’s Twentynine Palms City Council meeting will not be open to the public, though questions and comments can still be included in the proceedings via email. Reporter Heather Clisby has the details…

Tonight, the Twentynine Palms City Council meeting will be closed to the public as Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a stay-at-home order to curb the spread of COVID-19. Comments or questions can be still recognized during the proceedings by emailing them to The meeting can also be streamed live at 6 pm via the city’s website,

The council will conduct a design review and possible approval of public buildings in Project Phoenix. The building plans pertain to the Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center and Cultural Museum and the Twentynine Palms Community Center. The buildings will be put out for bid in the fall of 2020 with construction slated to begin in February 2021 and completed in February 2022.

And to address the current situation, the council will adopt a resolution to ratify the emergency proclamation made last week, likely to be renewed every 14 days, as needed.

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