Joshua Tree International Astronomy Art & Imaging Festival this weekend

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Dark skies can give high desert residents a view of the celestial bodies above us that most others don’t get to see.

The Joshua Tree International Astronomy Art & Imaging Festival starts tonight Sept 2nd and runs all Labor Day Weekend at the Joshua Tree Lake RV + Campground.

Modern Astrophotography from all over the world will be projected in high definition on a giant outdoor screen – with talks and slideshow presentations by renowned artists and photographers.

Telescopes will be aimed at deep space objects for your big-screen viewing pleasure, and a guided star tour will point out all the celestial celebrities of the evening.

Tonight’s event starts at 7PM and goes until 11- and features three speakers sharing their views of science, astronomy, art, photography and even closer phenomena like the Northern Lights.

Tickets are 10 dollars at the door – no pets please.

The event will be every night through Labor Day – Sept. 5th. It’s located at the Joshua Tree Lake and Campground, right off Sunfair in Joshua Tree.

Link: Joshua Tree International Astronomy Art & Imaging Facebook Page

Full Schedule:

Friday 9/2

7:00 – Opening welcome and Introductions to the show and event and team – associates.
7:20 – Shevill Mathers – A life of Science”
7:40 – Astrophotography
8:00 – Don Davis – “Astronomy in Art Through The Ages”
9:00 – Casey Kiernan – “Capturing the Northern Lights – Still Photography and Time lapse”
10:00 – Touring the internet – on line access – Astrophotography and others on Facebook, etc.
11:00 – submissions stream as evening fades.

Saturday 9/3

7:00 – Welcome – introduction – recap – scdva IDA stock JTAAT
7:30 – scdva images… Local astronomy
8:00 – Michael Roemelen “My Journey through Time and Space”
9:00 – Wally Pacholka “How to Photograph Comets and Celestial Events for World Class Publications”
10:00 – Don Davis – “The Space Art of Don Davis”
11:00 – Submissions screened.

Sunday 9/4

7:00 – Welcome – recap submitted images
8:00 – Space Telescopes images Hubble SOHO Spitzer JWST others…
9:00 – Mitch Miller “TIME – The Fourth Dimension”.
10:00 – Star Party focus.. Lve astronomy and sky tour etc
11:00 – continue submissions and all comer’s ongoing for the evening.

Monday 9/5

7:00 – Welcome – recap and acknowledge everyone.
8:00 – continue with streaming show, submissions and all available resources.
9:00 TBA
10:00 TBA
11:00 end of program and salutation.