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On Sunday, Yucca Valley Fire crews were requested for a unique public service call in Yucca Valley. Two curious five-month-old puppies had made their way into a tortoise den and were unable to get out.

Residents were worried as the dogs had been in the den for hours and were silent. Firefighters arrived to find a large underground tortoise den with two puppies inside and a 100 lb tortoise blocking the exit. Firefighters attempted to coax Oscar the tortoise from its den so firefighters could get to the puppies. Crews used a tasty watermelon treat to attempt to coax the tortoise from the den. The watermelon trick was unsuccessful, and firefighters went to plan B – digging.

After an hour of digging crews were able to get the puppies out of the den. The puppies, Peo and Finn, were unharmed and reunited with their owner.

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