The Morongo Valley Community Services District board of directors held their regular monthly meeting last night (July 21). Reporter Cassidy Taylor shares the details…

At last night’s meeting, the board discussed offering staff bonuses to members of the Morongo Valley Fire Department in recognition of their work on recent strike team assignments. After some discussions, the board voted 4-0 to award $2,000 bonus to each of the department’s 6 full-time firefighters and $500 to each reserve firefighter who assisted in strike-team assignments. The board also approved the drafting of a contract with a company to conduct plan and permit inspections for commercial building projects in Morongo Valley, including the new Circle-K. A full list of meeting topics is available with this story at

Morongo Valley Fire Chief and Director of Operations Gary Yearsley stated in his monthly report that the CSD has put down a deposit on the district’s new $377,000 brush engine, but that the delivery date could be pushed back from October 7 to November 15 or December at the latest due to manufacture employee shortages. Yearsley also reported that the district has finalized all paperwork to receive their highly-anticipated Covington Park grant and that construction on new park playground equipment will begin as soon as the funding is processed and received. Lastly, Chief Yearsley reported that he met with a county inspector to discuss what the CSD needs to complete the community kitchen at the Covington Park community building and that the inspector is putting together a list of needed changes for the CSD before any funding is spent.

The board tabled reviewing and finalizing compensation in the contract for Director of Operations Gary Yearsley due to board members not having access to updated figures and tabled discussions on allowing office staff a paid holiday off on their birthday pending review of potential legal problems with authorizing a personal holiday.

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