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Yard Sale? Be sure to pick up signs afterward!

Southern California is a yard sale lover’s dream – with more sunny days than almost anywhere in the United States. Now that the summer heat is in full retreat – colorful yard sale signs are popping back up around the hi-desert, beckoning bargain hunters off the streets and into people’s yards, seeking that perfect… thing.

If you are having a yard sale this fall – this is a reminder after your sale is over and you are cleaning up, don’t forget to take down the signs that earned you all that green! Not only is removing signs good yard saling etiquette – no one likes to chase a non-existant sale – those signs become litter as soon as the yard sale is done.

The county prohibits yard sale signs on telephone poles, streetlights, traffic signs or other public structures – and you do have a day grace period to pick up your signs after your sale is done. Less litter is always better for the desert, and picking up your signs means you won’t have to put any of your yard sale profits toward a ticket for littering.

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