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Homestead Valley Community Council addresses Flamingo Glamping facility at latest meeting

At the August meeting of the Homestead Valley Community Council Robott Land Co., the developers aiming to build a 40-acre glamping facility on their 640-acre property along pristine Pipes Wash in Flamingo Heights, outlined their plan and held a Q&A session with meeting attendees. The questions kept coming and at the meeting conclusion, Robott pledged to follow up with responses to questions that hadn’t been addressed. The L.A.-based developer has made good on that pledge and provided answers in a 16-page document.

Questions from the mostly adversarial audience the day of the public outreach meeting covered a range of issues related to the property and the proposed 75 campsites to be developed there.

Several questions concerned traffic safety along Old Woman Springs Road and the use of turn lanes and other additions such as acceleration and deacceleration lanes. Wildlife corridors and preservation of Joshua Trees and other protected plants on the site were also hot topics. In addition to traffic, attendees wanted to know how the developers intend to handle noise, campfires, and other encroachments on neighboring properties.

Use of local labor for construction and permanent staffing was another chief concern. Thorough answers to these and other inquiries are included in the complete document. You can access the developer responses at http://homesteadvalleycc.com/

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