County Supervisors shroud efforts to overturn Measure that limits their annual pay

Local News

At tomorrow’s (August 9th) 10 a.m. meeting of county supervisors in San Bernardino, the board will continue its effort to overturn the results of the November 2020 election. That’s when a two-thirds majority of county voters approved Ballot Measure K which limited county supervisors to one four-year term in office and slashed their annual pay from approximately $250,000 to just $60,000.

Presented with about as much transparency as a Las Vegas magic show is item 61 at the very end of consent items on the supervisor’s agenda.

Cleverly labeled as a “Taxpayer Protection and Government Reform” amendment to the county charter, in plain English item 61 aims to invalidate the voter-approved reforms of Measure K.

Item 61 will surely be approved tomorrow, but as with any change to the county charter, voters will have the final say at the next election. And following item 61 on tomorrow’s agenda is item 62. That’s the one that threatens to make San Bernardino County the 51st state if Sacramento doesn’t send more money our way.

Follow a link in this story at to see the full board agenda including instructions for participating in this meeting in person, online, or remotely at the County Government Center in Joshua Tree where public comment may be made via a live video link: