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County Planning Commission to Consider Wonder Inn Proposal on March 23

The controversial Wonder Inn hotel/resort proposal will be heard by the County Planning Commission on Thursday, March 23, and is open to the public. Though the meeting will be held in San Bernardino, locals can attend and engage virtually from the government center in Joshua Tree. Reporter Heather Clisby has details …

The next step in the fate of Wonder Valley’s so-called “Pink Building” will be held on Thursday, March 23, when developers of The Wonder Inn, a proposed 106-room resort, will present before the San Bernardino County Planning Commission. County planning staff will present their findings before the meeting turns to project developers, Jason Landver and Alan Greenberg, for their presentation. The public will then have an opportunity to address the commission; each person will have three minutes to comment. Contents of the meeting will likely determine whether the project will go forward.

Those interested can attend the 9:00 a.m. meeting in person at the County Building in San Bernardino (385 N. Arrowhead Ave. on the First Floor) or can attend virtually via live community feed at the Bob Burke Government Center, 63665 29 Palms Hwy, in Joshua Tree. Residents who would like to submit a letter to the commission in advance of the meeting can also do so through the county website.

Should residents be unable to attend either location in person, they may view the proceedings via livestream from their own devices but should note that this does not enable the ability to engage or comment during the meeting, it is view-only:

Ringed by Bullion, Pinto and Sheep Hole Mountains, Wonder Valley is 150 square miles of open desert east of Twentynine Palms and home to approximately 1,000 residents. The proposed project, at Amboy and Gammel Roads, would repurpose a 1960s building – once used by Southern California Edison – that has sat empty since 1980.

Project developers, Jason Landver and Alan Greenberg, have purchased 163 acres to re-purpose the site as a 106-room resort, in addition to a 20+ lot housing development, although the latter was notably absent from original plans submitted to the county.

Local pushback has resulted in an organized group, Stop The Wonder Inn Project, that has stated their fierce opposition to the project. They point to already-strained public services (sheriff, fire, EMTs), light pollution, increased traffic along a dark two-lane road, dust/air pollution, disruption of wildlife (specifically, the threatened Desert tortoise), noise pollution, and the project’s impact on a water supply already dented by the recent spate of illegal marijuana grows. Additionally, the group’s site noted is that the project may “worsen the crisis in affordable housing with new staffing demands.”


San Bernardino County site to submit letters:

Stop Wonder Inn website: https://stopwonderinn.org/

Stop Wonder Inn on YouTube:

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