The Coroner’s office has identified the two people who were killed in Yucca Valley in a crash Thursday afternoon. Jesse Torres, 64, and Melissa Torres, 36, both of Yucca Valley, were northbound on Warren Vista, attempting to cross Yucca Trail, when their red Bronco was broadsided by Brooke Nemeth, 23, of Yucca Valley, who was driving westbound on Yucca Trail in a black Cherokee. Both Jesse Torres and Melissa Torres died at the scene. Brooke Nemeth was treated at the scene and released. The Sheriff’s Department originally identified Melissa Torres as being from Kansas, but the Coroner’s office said she had recently moved to Yucca Valley.


  • :)

    Seems like the jeep was driving too fast. Iv had people speed up when I try to get across. Prayers to the family, so sad!

  • mike

    The young girl in the Cherokee was probably texting. See that a lot up here with the young people driving.

  • Paula

    That intersection is dangerous. Three years ago, while waiting at the stop sign, my car was totaled by a distracted driver. When the town put in the new traffic lights last year I kept expecting one at the Warren Vista/Yucca Trail intersection. Drivers grow frustrated while waiting for a free spot to enter Yucca Trail. Drivers on Yucca Trail are frequently driving the speed limit – 50 mph – or more. Please encourage consideration of a traffic light.

  • Jack

    Mike you armchair detective, the jeep driver was not at fault.

  • Kelly

    I drove by this before police and ambulances arrived and without a doubt I can tell you it was ___________’s fault. Seriously, don’t people have better things to do than pretend they know who did what? We have 2 vehicles that collided at an intersection and families that are moarning somewhere? Either party, or both parties could have been texting/speeding/eating a Santana’s burrito. Maybe all three. Point is you don’t know until the people with all of the facts do an in-vest-i-gation. That is fancy speak for find out. I have to assume that the people who jump on here yelling these accusations are the people who would light torches and bring pitchforks when someone said “WITCH” long ago… hell, maybe they lived to see it.

    On a semi related note: Those of you who wish to drive 10-15 miles under the speed limit down Alta Loma / Yucca Trail….. I am going to continually ride your bumper and honk. If you attempt to brake check me it wont work, because you are driving too slow for me to have to do anything except go back down to first gear. Eventually I will pass you, and you in your infinite ignorance will complain to your cat that drivers today are wicked and we fly around like bats out of hell. I will continue on my way ensuring myself that the mummification process of driving that slow will set in and I wont be stuck behind your speed handicapped self ever again.

    • Sarah Correa

      You stated you would past someone going 10-15 miles under the limit. Well I think anyone of us would too. If you are going the posted speed limit and you aren’t texting, talking on the phone, eating or putting out a cigarette or anything else distracting like pushing your dog out of blocking your view then most likely you would be able to avoid an accident like this one.

  • Bonnie

    My condolences to the Torres family. I know how hard it can be to pull out on that road. It is just clearly dangerous. One cannot assume all “young people” are texting when driving. I am sure the police can check to see if that indeed was the case. I see PLENTY of “older people” up here on the phone while driving but I don’t think all of them do! Both are distracting and both are wrong.

  • Lynn

    It is everyone’s responsibility to drive safely…speed limits stop signs and lights road conditions etc. Avoid an accident like this one? Preventing it in the first place would have been the best option.

  • Bruce

    Just because a speed limit is posted that doesn’t necessarily mean it is SAFE to drive that speed on that road..Theres numerous roads in this valley with unsafe spped limits for traffic and or road conditions..If I deem a speed limit to be unsafe for realitiy on a particular stretch of road I,m driving I will adjust accordingly and any impatient driver that wants to do the honk and finger wave on the way by me can eat fish heads and rice…

  • Lily

    I don’t know any of the people involved, and it’s terrible that two are dead. However, blaming the driver of the Jeep is ridiculous because no matter what she was doing, she had the right of way there on Yucca Trail and was the one who had a vehicle pull in front of her. Whatever the reason, an insurance company would find the vehicle who unsafely pulled out into traffic at fault. This actually happened to me about a year ago, I was making a turn and my vision was blocked because of parked cars lining the street. I had no way of seeing the car that was coming and did look as well as I could more than once because that’s how I drive. I was still found “at fault.” Really, it’s unsafe streets that are at fault. I try not to have to cross Yucca Trail without a light because it is dangerous.

  • Moses Torres

    I would like to know what was the outcome of the investigation. It just seems to easy to say it was not Ms. Nemeth’s fault since you cant ask the other two people one being my Dad what happened.

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