Two of the goals in the 2019 version of the Yucca Valley Parks and Recreation Master Plan—the town’s blueprint for recreation facilities, programs, and open spaces—are the expansion of Brehm Park and the possible ownership of Pop Rauch Park, which is across the street from Brehm Park. Tri-Valley Little League owns Pop Rauch Park and another adjacent parcel, and approached the town about buying the two properties. Managing editor Tami Roleff says that at last night’s Yucca Valley Town Council meeting, the council approved the property transfer is a win-win for both the town and Tri-Valley Little League…

The Yucca Valley Town Council added eight acres of park land into the town’s park inventory when it agreed last night to buy the two parcels owned by Tri-Valley Little League for $8,720. The property has an assessed value of $265,000. Tri-Valley Little League will receive priority use of the facility (except for nights when the Miracle League is playing), along with field credits of $34,880, good for 10 years. It’s estimated that the properties will need $585,000 in capital improvements, deferred maintenance, and to make the fields ADA compliant. Maintenance and operating costs are expected to cost $80,000 per year. The sale gives Tri-Valley Little League the cash it needs for its debts, while continuing to build financial security through the credits.


Consider strategic expansions of Brehm Park, if adjacent properties become available (high priority)

· Explore Town ownership of Pop Rauch Park. Tri-Valley Little League’s Pop Rauch Park is located adjacent to the Boys & Girls Club and across the street from Brehm Park 2. This privately-owned site is a hub for youth baseball and softball in Yucca Valley and has been maintained by volunteers. It is in need of upgrades to improve field quality, the player experience, and the spectator experience. Secure public ownership of the park and improve the fields and associated facilities. (high priority)

· Explore partnerships. Collaborate with the Boys & Girls Club and Tri-Valley Little League on a plan to define relationships and circulation between Brehm Parks 1 & 2, the Boys & Girls Club site and Pop Rauch Park. (high priority)

Tri-Valley Little League approached the Town with an offer to sell the properties and existing improvements in return for the Town’s commitment to purchase, maintain and operate the properties as a public park as identified in the Acquisition Agreement:

· The Town will agree to keep the Property primarily as a family recreation, baseball and softball league fields, and sports area, and secondarily as a general park use facility in accordance with the Town’s Recreation Masterplan and Prop 68 Desert Communities Grant and related policy direction.

· Seller will be allowed priority use of the facility, including the Miracle Field at Brehm Park 2 (with the exception of the nights when the Miracle League plays, typically Mondays) during jointly-identified season(s) in accordance with the Town’s Facility Use Policy. Use fees for the Property will be set at the rate established from time to time as recommended by the Town of Yucca Valley Parks, Recreation and Cultural Commission and approved by the Town of Yucca Valley Town Council.

o Seller shall receive Thirty-Four Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Dollars and Zero Cents ($34,880.00) in field use credits (“Field Use Credits”). The Town shall maintain an accounting of Seller’s use of the Field Use Credits. The Field Use Credits shall expire ten (10) years after the Close of Escrow. The Field Use Credits may only be used by the Seller for the use of the Property, and may not be transferred or sold to any other person or entity without the written consent of the Town.

In addition to the asset of land and existing improvements, Town will assume liabilities including:

o Deferred maintenance that has been postponed or not completed

o Identified ADA improvements

o Capital improvements needs

· Tri-Valley Little League will participate in minor maintenance during the season including:

o Drag field before/between games with Town provided drag

o Assist with restroom maintenance during the season

o Other tasks as mutually agreed upon

· Tri-Valley Little League will maintain scheduling priority between February – August

On-going Annual Maintenance

Annual operating costs for the Tri-Valley Little League properties are estimated at $80,000 per year depending on scheduled use and environmental factors. Such factors include user schedules, field demand, utility consumption and rates, and maintenance protocols. The Town

outlay for capital improvements in future years is estimated at $585,000.

The property maintenance and operating costs are estimated at $80,000 for FY 20-21. These costs are estimated to be accommodated by the FY 20-21 budget and Staff will return to Council at a future meeting to allocate the operating and maintenance costs within the FY 20-21 General Fund budget.

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