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  • 03

    Evening with the Cosmos

    8:00 PM-11:00 PM

    Evening with the Cosmos

    Sky’s the Limit Observatory and Nature Center invites stargazers to enjoy the desert night sky on Saturday, September 3 at a free public event that begins at 8:00 pm and ends around 12:00 am. The Observatory is at 9697 Utah Trail in Twentynine Palms, just outside the north entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.

    Volunteers will set up a variety of kinds and sizes of telescopes on the winding sidewalks, and guests are welcome to use them or may bring their own binoculars and scopes as well. The presentation is very casual, so come at any time and leave when you wish. Bring a red flashlight to preserve night vision.

    The evening features a grand tour of the cosmos beginning with Mars and ringed planet Saturn, followed by a selection of the finest deep sky highlights from the summer sky including the Lagoon and Swan Nebulae, the Wild Duck Cluster, and ruby red carbon star V Aquilae. This time of year marks the return of the Great Andromeda Galaxy in the northeast, the brightest galaxy in the sky.

    Prominent constellations are Sagittarius (the Archer), Delphinus (the Dolphin), Aquila (the Eagle), Cygnus (the Swan), Lyra (the Harp), and Cassiopeia (the Seated Queen).
    The campus is always open, so arrive around sunset to allow time to visit other educational attractions before the cosmic tour begins at dark. Dress for unpredictable desert weather and bring snacks, water bottles, and chairs. Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults. No pets and no smoking allowed on the STL campus, and visitors must carry out all trash.

    The seasonal sky is very unpredictable and a viewing event may have to be delayed, rescheduled, or cancelled due to cloudiness, rain, or excessive wind. Check Sky’s The Limit Facebook Page or follow @STL29Palms to learn the latest status of an event, or call Steve at (760) 401-3004.

    For more information and to see photos taken through STL’s 14” Celestron Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope, visit the STL web site at STL is an affiliate of the Basin Wide Foundation, a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Donations to support Sky’s The Limit’s educational programs are gratefully accepted.

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  • 06

    Diabetes Education

    11:00 AM-1:00 PM

    Ongoing Tuesdays

    Hi-Desert Medical Center hosts FREE education classes for diagnosed diabetes patients. Hi-Desert Medical Center Dietary department will provide relevant tools and information patients need and has expanded the education to four one-hour classes to provide comprehensive training and understanding. These classes are designed to allow the patient to begin education anywhere within the four-session cycle; the cycle of classes repeats each month.

    Join us at 11:00 a.m. on the first four Tuesdays of the month for these FREE classes in the Helen Gray Education Center on the medical center campus in Joshua Tree. Registration is requested. Please call 760/366-6182 to register TODAY!

    Hannah Twinem

    Helen Gray Education Center
    6601 White Feather Rd. Joshua Tree, CA 92252

  • 06

    Hi-Desert Hospice Bereavement Support Group

    2:00 PM-3:00 PM


    Hi-Desert Hospice of Joshua Tree is hosting FREE, on-going bereavement support groups for those whose loved ones have died. Each meeting provides a safe, comfortable setting to navigate through the difficulties that often accompany the death of a loved one. Join us on this journey – together, we will explore and discover the most helpful ways to live with grief.

    • Share the story of your loss and grief,
    • Openly express your feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment,
    • Find encouragement from an experienced grief counselor and other members of the bereavement support group,
    • Discover useful tools on how to live with grief.

    Registration is required. Please call 760.366.6182 to sign up today!

    Hannah Twinem

    Faith Lutheran Church
    6336 Hallee Road Joshua Tree, CA 92252

  • 09

    YV Chamber Leads Lunch

    12:00 PM-1:00 PM

    Chamber members and guests are invited to share business information, flyers, posters, etc. at luncheon catered by Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen. Attendees will be given 1 min on mic to share their stories! Get involved in your community!

    Wanda Stadum

    Center for Healthy Generations
    571212 Sunnyslope Dr YV

  • 10

    Chapter Breakfast

    9:00 AM-12:00 PM

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Maria Echeverria has suffered family tragedies, serious health issues, physical violence, and cared for a parent with dementia. She could have blamed God, walked away from Him, and settled for the role of victim. Instead, she made the decision to cling to Him and to be a survivor—to be a woman of faith who chooses to live in His Light. Maria emigrated as a teenager, with her family, from Mexico to Los Angeles where she graduated at the top of her high school class. She worked her way through college, majoring in Administration and Public Relations. She completed graduate studies in Pastoral Ministry and Theology at Loyola Marymount. She is a mother and proud wife of a Deacon as well as an active member of her parish. She and her husband have devoted many years to marriage ministry. Maria has also actively supported her community through Friends and Families of Murder Victims, Walk for Hunger, and the American Cancer Society. In 2005 Maria became the first Latina laywoman to hold the position of a diocesan Vice Chancellor in the United States. Come and meet this grace-filled woman whose courage under fire once again proves that the Holy Spirit is alive and well. Bring a friend!

    Palm Desert Chapter Breakfast
    Saturday, September 10, 2016
    9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    Indian Wells Country Club
    46000 Club Drive, Indian Wells, CA 92210
    (Traveling on Hwy 111, Club Drive is between Cook and Washington St.)