Two people were killed in Yucca Valley Thursday afternoon when their SUV was broadsided on Yucca Trail. According to Sheriff’s Deputy Wayne Greer, at 1:09 p.m., a 1984 red Bronco was traveling northbound on Warren Vista and was creeping into the intersection when it was broadsided on the passenger side door, by Brooke Nemeth, 23, of Yucca Valley, who was driving westbound on Yucca Trail in a 1997 black Cherokee.


Both vehicles came to rest just west of the intersection on the north shoulder of Yucca Trail. The driver of the Bronco, a 65-year-old man from Yucca Valley, was pulled from the vehicle by rescue personnel and died at the scene. His passenger, a 36-year-old woman from Junction City, Kansas, was also killed in the crash. Their names have not yet been released pending notification of next of kin. Neither alcohol or drugs are suspected to be a factor in the crash. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the crash.

In a side note, while covering the story, a Z107.7 staffer was assaulted by a combative Sheriff’s Deputy, who slapped a cellphone camera to the ground, breaking it. Z107.7 has requested an investigation.


  • Robert Nelson

    “In a side note, while covering the story, a Z107.7 staffer was assaulted by a combative Sheriff’s Deputy, who slapped a cellphone camera to the ground, breaking it. Z107.7 has requested an investigation.”

    In March of 2013 Gary reported that a Yucca Valley man tried to run over a “deputy” with a motorcycle. I let Gary know that the incident happened in front of my home, that I witnessed the incident as I stood on the side of the road with Town Manager Mark Nuaimi, Deputy Town Manager Shane Stueckle, SBCSD Captain Boswell and Lieutenant Toms. I let Gary know that no others were present and that there was NO assault on anybody and that the biker didn’t try to run over anybody. I also let Gary know that Captain Boswell berated and intimidated me because of the statement I gave to one of the deputies and because I took videos and photos … and that the Captain didn’t stop even after I asked him to calm down and I called out to the many deputies there to ask if somebody could intervene.

    Gary let me know over the phone that he wasn’t interested in what I had to say about the Captain’s behavior … he praised the Captain, told me the biker involved was no angel and then ended the phone call.

    I contacted Gary by email and asked they he at least offer my information to the public on his Friday talk show and said he could use my name. He responded with this:

    Mr. Nelson,
    Your perception of your call to me is not the same as mine. I was Not DISINTERESTED in the information you provided, nor did I praise the captain and then dismiss you. What I determined was that the story given to us by the sheriff’s department about the arrest was a true representation of the circumstances of arrest. As far as your unrelated side issues that may well be another story for another day. Gary

    Now, Gary has issues with the way his employee was treated by the SBCSD and THAT is worthy of mention on his news show and web site.

    And Gary is asking for an investigation. It will be interesting to see if Gary gets his investigation into the assault on his employee as I’ve been asking for an investigation of the arrest of the man in front of my home – for something he didn’t do – for almost a year now.

    Gary has already began to use his position as a man with the power of the media behind him to make the public aware of the assault by the SBCSD on his employee but refused to give the same benefit to another citizen of Yucca Valley that was arrested for something he didn’t do and was also assaulted by the SBCSD. It’s really about who you know here in Yucca Valley … and if Gary and the Hi-Desert Star want to share the truth about what goes on here they will. And if they don’t want to … they wont.

  • Matt

    Only a day after they broke the story that the appointed Sheriff was illegitimately using names as endorsements on his website. Touchy, are we?

  • John Kacarab

    This is exactly why we need to elect Paul Schrader Sheriff San Bernardino county. The treatment of these people is a training issue and the Sheriff sets the tone and forces compliance with his policies and procedures.

    The way these officers acted reflects the rot at the top. The man who was appointed based on Josie Gonzales’ statements the McMahon was the poster boy for honesty, integrity, and ethics. I told her I did not believe it and now we wee the evidence,not to mention the purgred testimony in the Travis Bauer lawsuit.

    More about the corruption going on in San Bernardino county:

  • Sarah Correa

    I would like to remind everyone reading this thinking about how the police officer broke the guys phone and totally forgetting the real story. Please don’t let our unprofessional police over shadow the deaths of two very kind hearted innocent people who died Thursday. Lets focus on prevention lets slow down on Yucca Trail and remember it is not a highway and should be drive cautiously. I no doubt believe the story and the officer was wrong but what was the photographer taking pictures of I wouldn’t have wanted to see pictures of my sister or brother in-law covered in white sheets posted all over. I would much rather see an investigation team focus on why this accident happen and how to prevent it.

  • Donna

    This the ex-wife of Jesse Torres who died in the car accident.Our 2 children lost there father in this accident.I have viewed this area of the accisent.I believe this intersection is unsafe,and should have a 4 way stop there.Also I would like to know why the police destroyed the reporters camera. I have seen other people posting that there needs to be a 4 way stop there.Also the police should check the girls cell phone record to see if she was texing,at the time of the accident.She was released on the spot also.they never took her in to see if there was drugs in her system.Something is not here,My son and daughter are in tears,crying.

  • jade

    I heard the accident from my bedroom i didnt think anyone was seriously injured because i looked over the wall shortly after it happened and people were standing and talking right by the wall… Later my bf came home and said he saw a tarp on the ground covering something so we looked over and witnessed the man… So heartbreaking to see, even worse they were just standing around laughing whilr waitinh for the coroner… My heart n prayers go out to the families of the deceased

  • Lynn

    As sad as I am for the loss of life in this sitituation. The fact is if they had tried to cross over yucca trail a split second later the red vehicle who did not have right of way would have hit and broadsided the black vehicle causing the same situation in reverse. Do any of you stop to think about how this affects the other person who’s whole life is changed because someone could not wait at their stop sign until it was safe to proceed?

    • Sarah Correa

      Lynn, I have thought about how this has effected the driver of the Jeep, she is still alive. If it was a minute later it would have been nothing like this the driver of the bronco wasn’t going 50mph or faster.

  • Lynn

    It could have just as easily been anyone of us or someone we know is my point.
    Your driving along a road you drive everyday obey the posted speed limit and someone pulls out in front of you.
    I know this area I drive it myself. Sad yes it is sad very sad.
    Could it have been avoided most definitely a four way stop would have decreased the speed but then people run stop signs and lights. What I am asking is what other than being in the wrong place at the right time did this person do? She lived… A miracle in any other society and we wait to til she walks out of this situation and throw stones nice people really… It truly could have been any one of us.

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