Twenty-seven days after Erin Corwin, 20, the wife of a Twentynine Palms Marine, was reported missing, specialized Sheriff’s investigators are still trying to find out what may have happened on June 28th, the day she told her husband she was going to Joshua Tree National Park. Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Captain Dale Mondary, who acts as the chief of police for the City of Twentynine Palms, told Z107.7 news that while they have gathered a lot of information, the case is essentially still a missing persons case, as they have found no direct evidence of a crime. Just Tuesday, investigators said they are focusing on looking for a crime scene, any evidence that Corwin had come to harm, or that a crime was committed. Mondary said they are continuing the search, identifying areas to look during the week, and then physically searching weekends, when trained volunteers are available. He added that a specialized Sheriff’s team is looking into abandoned mines in the area, again primarily looking for any evidence of a crime. Captain Mondary said they are getting some assistance from the FBI, who offered their assistance the first day and have been involved in the investigation. Mondary told Z107.7 News he understands the media and public’s frustration with the seemingly slow pace of the investigation but said they have to have hard evidence and real clues to work from and are working tirelessly to find that proof of a crime before any accusations or arrests are made. The Captain reminded us, quote, “It is not a crime to go missing, and right now it is a missing persons case.”

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  • kay

    This sheriff has got to get with it. This case is taking way to long. Why search for her when they can interrogate Lee until he breaks and “WALLA” shows them where the body is. They guy even went back to Alaska! Something is very wrong here. Sad.

  • Lee

    I read in Desert Sun that case was given to SB County DA by sheriff

  • Sam

    I hope girls are watching this and understanding how dangerous sneaking around can be.

    There are some screwy aspects to this story. Erin is an animal lover who wanted to go illegally kill the animals she loves to celebrate her pregnancy? Is killing something a sign of love for it in her culture?

    Another screwy aspect is the comments overheard by Mrs. Mglei. She overheard the wife Nichole berating her husband for being stupid and messing up his alibi. She apparently also told this woman who owns the horse rescue that the cops missed something in the garage. When it comes to foolish words and deeds Nicole is more or less like the kettle criticizing the pot for being black.

    The tracks are out there and a tracker will find them…

    “Commit a crime and the world is made of glass. Commit a crime, and it seems as if a coat of snow fell on the ground, such as reveals in the woods the track of every partridge and fox and squirrel and mole.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Max

    If Erin voluntarily left she would have done so in her vehicle. The fact her vehicle was found at the side of the road in the middle of no where with her lovers foot prints and vehicle tracts tells me all I need to know. My guess is it’s a matter of time before Erins lovers wife turns up missing or she rats him out. Horse ranches to a predator are what play grounds are to a pedophile.

  • Sam

    Max, I think I can straighten out a couple of things for you. I live close by where Erin’s car was found and it is not the middle of nowhere. It is a place where lots of vehicles can be seen parked. It is where school children get off and on the bus, so there are always cars there and people switching vehicles. Look at it on Google Earth and you can see the tire tracks and loops from lots of people driving and parking there. Erin parked there so she would be unnoticed by anyone from Base. However, the locals recognized her car as out of place.

    Second, because this is a common place for people to switch vehicles the ground is powdered from so many vehicles and tires. What they found were a single set of foot prints leading from the tracks that indicate where Erin’s car was parked to another set of tracks, which were consistent with the tires from Mr. Lee’s vehicle and indicate where his vehicle was parked. It looks like Erin got out of her vehicle and into another vehicle, as her footprints end at the second set of tracks.

    This makes it highly likely that Mr. Lee and Mrs. Corwin were together in the same vehicle on the day she disappeared.

    Mrs. Lee more than likely spoiled her husband’s alibi; she was overheard dunning him for not keeping his facts straight with the police.

    My guess is that he is going to try to disappear into the Alaskan wilderness. Are bears less merciful than a DA and jury?

  • Max

    Didn’t his wife go to Alaska with him? In light of all this information do you think she is in grave danger?

  • Fro Joe

    hey I read somewhere that beasley guy has some kinda eye thing. that maybe he seen a green honda not a red car. is that true? or is that even probable i mean that someone can have had that?

  • Don

    The blue toyota was seen previously about 100 to 150 feet from where it and the Jeep tracks were found. Approx 10/10:30 on Sat 28th is when MB saw the female with glasses and baseball cap ??Erin or Nichole?? lock up the blue Toyota and get in a Red ??like new?? sedan. Funny neither LE or media or whatever seems interested in the red car and driver. I believe the red car and driver is the missing piece to this tangled mystery. I imagine days later any of those footprints and/or tire tracks would be hard but not impossible to find. Did LE ask MB to show them where this original car transfer took place? Does LE have incriminating evidence here and is hush hush?

  • Rick

    Sam, I’m not sure where you THINK her car was found but since I seen it with my own eyes I know you’re incorrect.

  • kay

    days ago

    Am I missing something here or are the cops just not catching on to the obvious clues this guy left them? It’s been a month since the woman went missing. Why would they NOT consider Lee a person of interest? He has admitted to being out in the National Park on the same day Erin was. Can they not connect the dots here? How is it that everybody else can see the trail of evidence BUT the cops

  • Sam

    So where was it if not at Ranch Road and Valle Vista? Share the knowledge if you know something different. Rick, are you Christopher Lee? He saw the car.

  • Rick

    Yes Sam, just east of ranch and north of valle vista. It was parked on virgin ground,not on any common parking or driving area. There’s no bus stop or any other traffic where the car was found and definitely no bus stop. The only bus stop is further east off of bagdad. I don’t know how to be any more clear that the car was parked in the open virgin desert, in and on small bushes.

  • Cam

    Sam, you’re not a very good armchair detective.

  • Sam

    Still, Rick, that is not the middle of nowhere or an isolated spot by any means. I drive Valle Vista several times a week so I may have not known which corner it was parked on, but I do live in the neighborhood and drive past the spot frequently. You didn’t answer my question? Were you the one who picked up Erin?

    Cam, you are the sweetest little peach on the tree, aren’t you? I can see you have a lot to contribute.

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