The Sheriff’s Department confirmed Tuesday that six Twentynine Palms High School students, all between the ages of 14 and 15, are being referred to the District Attorney’s office for possible charges related to possession and distribution of child pornography for a sexting video. Sheriff’s Captain Rich Boswell told Z107.7 News that because the student in the sexually explicit video is a minor, the video is legally considered child pornography. The student sent the video to her boyfriend’s phone and the boy then forwarded it on to some of his friends. Boswell explained that under the laws concerning child pornography, it is a crime to possess the video and to forward it, because of the girl’s age. Investigators expect to send the case to the district attorney this week for review, and the DA will make the decision whether to prosecute the students for possession and distribution of child pornography.


  • christina godfrey

    Well shouldn’t the girl be charged also, because it was her that sent it to one of the boys. Perhaps she should be charged with the distribution. I think that if they are only 14 or 15 perhaps their parents should be charged for not teaching their children. I mean these boys are so young. It would be a shame if they had to become registered sex offenders which would impede their chances in life. It is truly sad to know that as parents we give our children cell phones, and we live in such a technology world, that when they simply do the same thing that they see the adults doing, they are punished for it. How about this: stop giving our teens cell phones, and outlaw all that music and media that promotes explicit behavior.

  • Carl

    seems pretty innocent to me I think they’ll drop least I would hope so.

  • Amanda Poillucci

    I am concerned that the person reporting this information is a teacher at the school therefore intimately involved with all of the biases that are attached. News should be objective. Teenagers as a general rule make mistakes along the way, I don’t necessarily think that publicizing these mistakes is the way they are going to learn from this incident. I am concerned that by making this information public we are doing more damage than good in teaching our upcoming generation right from wrong especially in today’s society of pushing information out at a rapid pace with no thought to the consequences. In regards to my first sentence, you have every right to the use of your 5th amendment rights just as I do now, however, if this is the case and you are a teacher there, you have taken advantage of your position exploiting an already bad situation thus making things worse for these kids. Did you even take a moment to think about that? I trust karma will eventually pay you a visit that does not involve children.

    • Z107.7 News

      The information in the story came directly from the sheriff’s department.

      • ken chancey

        Regardless of the source for the story, it is a clear conflict of interest for this person who is a paid educator in our school system to report this story on the radio. It is likely he will come into contact with some of these students. They will know he reported the story on the air. Tension will be high when the situation could have been avoided. Due to the ages of all the children involved, this story should not have been released or reported on until the DA decided whether or not to prosecute the case. Until then, everything is speculation and stories like this one, reported on air, by a teacher at their school, is not fair to ANY of the students involved. I have a son at this school, and I think the administration or the school board should take some kind of action to prevent him from being able to further report on this story.

        • Z107.7 News

          Based on an investigation noted on the Sheriff’s logs, the story in question was researched and written by Z107.7 News Managing Editor Tami Roleff. Gary Daigneault, the news anchor who teaches part-time at the school, was not involved in the story and simply read it.

  • ken chancey

    What was the point of this story? What value does this bring to the community? This is the problem with media today, there is never any concern about whether you should report on a story beyond how ratings will be effected. Bad form guys, bad form.


  • Branson Hunter

    They’re in their early teens for god sacks. Lighten-up Captain Boswell.

  • Concerned Parent

    To the person who asked about the girl being charged, I believe she is one of the 6 facing possible charges.

    To those who say they are just young teens….

    Being young teens doesn’t make them any less culpable simply because of their age. At this age, they are well aware of what is right and what is wrong.This particular text didn’t just get shared between the 6 mentioned. The text was shared and forwarded to MANY people by the boys who received it. It was sent out in mass and there were even children from the Jr. High receiving it. I think they should definitely face consequences for their actions. Technology puts too much at their fingertips. At least teach them the lesson of using that technology responsibly and not to the detriment of others.

    The actions of everyone involved in this incident are deplorable. The girl who sent it. The boy who received it and felt the need to forward it to friends. The friends who received it and felt it necessary to then, send it on to countless others. Consequences should be had for all.

  • David

    ken, why are you asking the point of the story? Because it’s true is enough to make it news.

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