Often our home-bound neighbors need some shopping and errands done—quick trips to the grocery store or to pick up prescriptions, mail, or other necessities. Many seniors are having problems, they either don’t have their own transportation or are nervous about venturing out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hilary Sloane says Reach Out Morongo Basin can help…

While Reach Out Morongo Basin has volunteers who can help the home-bound. These volunteers fall into two categories: one-time helpers who simply fill in when a caregiver is out of town or ill, or those who are regularly matched with a senior for weekly shopping trips. The senior makes a list and the volunteer goes to the store. The volunteer does NOT transport the care receiver to the store. For the safety of the neighbor and the volunteer, seniors are asked to purchase Stater Scrip from Reach Out Morongo Basin and give that to the volunteer to pay for groceries. It can be used to purchase anything at Stater Bros. stores. For more information, call 760-361-1410.

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