A 17-page list of personal endorsements for the campaign of John McMahon for San Bernardino County Sheriff was removed from the campaign’s website after questions were raised by Z107.7 News. In doing campaign research yesterday morning, I saw that my name and my wife’s name were listed as endorsers. Not only have I never endorsed McMahon for Sheriff, I have never even met him. When I called and asked how my name was obtained, an individual only identified as “Michelle” said, “She would take it off.” “That is not my point”, I said, “I want to know how my name got on that list.” She promised to get back with me, but as of this morning had not. In fact a very few hours after I sent a formal media e-mail query asking how my name got on the list, the entire list was removed from the campaign website. I had printed out a copy so I called a number of individuals in the Twentynine Palms area I personally knew whose names were on the list and asked them if they had endorsed McMahon for Sheriff. Two said absolutely not, and three others, including elected and appointed City officials, said they had not endorsed him, but may have clicked on a Facebook page, not with the intent of making a formal endorsement. We are still waiting for response from the McMahon for Sheriff Campaign on where they obtained their list of endorsees.


Sheriff McMahon contacted Z107.7 news today and confirmed that mistakes had been made on his endorsement list. He said inadvertently a campaign mailing list had been merged with a list of endorsers from a campaign event. McMahon apologized for the error and said they had taken the page down to fix the error. We will have a complete follow-up story in tomorrow’s Z107.7 news.


  • huh

    I find it interesting that he has also violated campaign finance laws and has not resigned. Will he be charged with the crimes? This is what you get with a selected sheriff who was not elected.

  • Sid

    Michelle is McMahon’s wife.

  • Robert Nelson

    Interesting … what it takes to get Gary worked-up enough to bring a story to the attention of KCDZ listeners. I was on my way to the Post Office this afternoon and it appears that a traffic accident has claimed another life here in Yucca Valley. Gary knows of my own ongoing efforts – two years now – to get the help of our Town Council to lower the speed limit on the road I live on but wasn’t at all interested in telling the story of what REALLY happened on my road (in front of my house)when Town Manager Mark Nuaimi, Deputy Town Manager Shane Stueckle, SBCSD Boswell and Lieutenant Toms came to visit me to tell me that NOTHING will ever be done to make my road safer. Oh … Gary DID cover the story … but not the whole story. Can’t always do that, I guess, when the people involved are our “town leaders.”

  • Bob

    Not only is the Sheriff corrupt but the highway patrol and yucca police are all corrupt.
    They hang out near Landers all day wasting our tax dollars.
    They should be out working hard yet they get fatter and fatter.

    Our tax dollars hard at work is them harassing someone because they think they are god

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