One of the most talked-about new laws in place for the new year is the statewide initiative legalizing recreational marijuana. Reporter David Haldane tells us what it will mean for desert dwellers of the Morongo Basin…
If you’re a fan of recreational marijuana, 2018 may seem like a banner year; California has finally legalized it pursuant to a proposition approved by voters last year.
Come Jan. 1st when the new law takes effect, however, most Morongo Basin residents may not notice any change. That’s because the state law still allows local jurisdictions to do their own thing. Both Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms have strict anti-marijuana ordinances. And San Bernardino County has banned virtually all commercial cannabis activities in unincorporated areas such as Joshua Tree.
Don’t despair, though, you won’t have too far to drive for a full Mary Jane massage. Nearby Desert Hot Springs, known as Southern California’s Marijuana Mecca, was one of the first cities in the state to open its doors completely to the cannabis crowd. The latest attraction: a clothing-optional spa where you can even puff in the buff.

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