Updated 8-10
In our recent coverage of the proposed new County Charter, Z107.7 News mistakenly reported the proposed new charter would appear on the November 3 Election Ballot under the title, “The San Bernardino County Supervisor Compensation Reduction and Term Limits Initiative.” That title is associated with another ballot initiative and unrelated to the proposed new County Charter. The county’s revised charter will be on the November 3 ballot as “Revised Charter: County of San Bernardino.” Z107.7 News regrets the error.

When voters here go to the polls in November, they’ll decide to approve or reject a proposed new County Charter under a ballot measure entitled, “Revised Charter: County of San Bernardino.” Developed by the County Board of Supervisors, the proposed new charter aims to replace the current, century-old Charter with one that reflects modern business practice, prioritizes county government transparency, and increases opportunities for public involvement. Today, Z107.7 News continues our look at the main elements of the proposed Charter with a look at county supervisor’s compensation. Reporter Mike Lipsitz takes over from here…

Today we’re looking at the provision in the proposed new county charter concerning compensation for supervisors. Presently, supervisor salaries are computed as an average of supervisor’s pay in Riverside, San Diego, and Orange counties. The new charter would make county supervisors salary equal to 80 percent of the salary of a superior court judge which currently averages about $190,000 annually. The formula is one followed by numerous other California counties. Supervisors receive additional benefits equal to that of county department heads. Any increases in supervisor pay must be considered at a public hearing and would be capped at four percent annually. Under the new formula, supervisor salaries will decrease slightly from current levels.

The public can review specifics of the proposed new charter and leave comments at

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