Gary Daigneault
Morning Show Co-Host and News Director

Gary Daigneault (News/Program Director) has been “The Voice of the Morongo Basin” since he showed up in the Morongo Basin in 1979 in a beat-up old Datsun and a brand-new new wife (He has a new car but still has the same wife, he likes her).

Gary Daigneault has co-hosted morning shows on local radio for the past 39 years, 27 years at Z107.7.

As a broadcast journalist, he is one of the most highly decorated reporters in the state, with numerous awards and citations from the Associated Press, National Association of Broadcasters, the Radio-Television News Association, and Radio Inc. magazine. A highlight of his career came in 2010 when he was inducted into the Associated Press Hall of Fame, a lifetime achievement recognized by the U.S. Congress.

Gary is also heavily involved in local theater. He has directed 17 musicals in the past 16 years at Theatre 29 in Twentynine Palms. He was named “Best Director-Musical” by the Desert Theater League for his 2013 production of “Gypsy.”

Daigneault taught ROP Broadcasting classes for 27 years, retiring from Morongo Unified School District in 2016.

Gary and Cindy, herself an accomplished actress, singer, and photographer, live in Twentynine Palms, they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Active in Community service, Daigneault is a founding member and current President of the Theatre 29 Board, 4 term Past-President of Yucca Valley Rotary Clubs, Past-President of the Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree Chambers of Commerce, and vice-president of the Yucca Valley Chamber. He spent 8 years as the Chairman of the Joshua Tree National Park Commission.

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Pat Michaels
Morning Show Co-Host and Local Music Showcase Host

Pat Michaels was born not so long ago in Palm Springs, California and raised for the most part in the Yucca Valley and Yucca Mesa area. As an infant, young Pat enjoyed listening to the radio and playing poker with his Dad. His Father was quite the player and drained his piggy bank many times… As he grew, it seemed that poker just wasn’t his game… So, he started talking, at all hours of the day and night and eventually found out that one could make a living, talking. Well, he’s been talking and talking and talking. Matter of fact, Pat can be heard on television and radio stations all over the world.

In addition to speaking out loud, this guy likes most things that end in “ing.” Cooking, hiking, working, fixing, liking, laughing, loving drinking, reading…

Long story short, Pat has been on the radio every day of his life since 1987. Yes, he still loves poker but he’d rather get paid… if you can dig it.

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Cody Joseph

Cody is a desert native.  Born in Palm Springs and raised here in the Morongo Basin, Cody has been around the radio business his entire life.  As the young stud on the staff, you’d expect him to be a bit of a computer geek.  Well, he did get his degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering.  And like the guys on The Big Bang Theory, he does play RPG’s like D&D and has an impressive collection of War Hammer 40000 miniatures!

We can always count on Cody for our daily dose of what’s happening on TMZ and other “snark”.  On air since 2009 full time, Cody is also head of Operations and serves as the Companies’ Business Manager.  Hey, we said he was a bit of a geek!  Bazinga!

In his spare time besides playing those geeky games, he’s President of the local Business Network International local chapter and he’s active in community theatre! Yes, he actually CAN sing and dance.

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Jessica Aponte

The South Bronx, New York City

Family Status
Mom to a smart and gorgeous 8 year old girly-girl and Hu-Mom to a shockingly super quiet Chihuahua Service dog.

Crew aka Rowing — yes, like in the Olympics. Uh, did I mention I still can’t swim? No? Yeah, still can’t.

Most Interesting Person I’ve Met
My first ex-husband — He’s a fascinating juxtaposition of athletism and nerdom. He has a great heart and an equally great eyeroll.

I’d Give Anything To…
Learn to ride a motorcycle… first I have to learn how to ride a bike.

Let Me Let You In On A Little Secret
I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my own talk show… someday.

Most Memorable Z107.7 Event
Accidentally shutting down the system! :(

How I Keep My Daily Work Tasks Creative
Copious amounts of Facebook newsfeed scrolling.

My Favorite Thing To Watch On TV Right Now
Lucifer, How to Get Away with Murder, and The Good Place.

What’s In My CD Player Right Now
Nothing! That’s so 2014 :)

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Sherrie Karr
Weekends and Fill-In

Sunday mornings and other slots as needed on Z107.7 belong to the multi-talented Sherrie Karr. Sherrie grew up in Maryland and spent her summer vacations in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. At the age of sixteen she began writing songs and playing guitar. To this day she still composes and records music, some of which can be heard on Z107.7.

Sherrie’s college years were spent with an emphasis on Data Processing and Electronics. While serving on inactive duty in the U.S. Navy she took computer and electronic courses and worked for several computer companies.

In 1987 Sherrie took the ROP Broadcasting class and began at Z107.7 as the host of “Godrock”, introducing quality Christian music and programming Sunday mornings from 6-10 am, she continues hosting the show to this day.

She is the mother of three grown boys who all live and work here in the Morongo Basin.

Sherrie Karr also owns and operates “Sherrioke”, a mobile karaoke service here in our Hi-Desert Area. Her beautiful voice has brought delight to many people during her career.

Sherrie is also a primary volunteer for “TLC”, and, through donating her karaoke service, helps raise the funds to feed thousands of people at the Yucca Valley Community Center on Christmas Day.

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