A new website and help line are launching this week to help members of the LGBTQ community navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Ernest Figueroa has more information…

LGBTQ people can now get help during the pandemic from a new COVID-19 help center website and help line launched recently. will include full lists of service providers in all 53 counties and will feature free webinars for people out of work. Samuel Garrett-Pate with Equality California, which created the site, says it’s designed to connect people to the right resources.

“They can look up a testing site near them, if they need help filing for unemployment, applying for a small business loan, if they just need someone they can talk to because they’re dealing with mental-health challenges as a result of the crisis. All of that information is on the website.”

There is also a new helpline, 323-448-0126.

LGBTQ people have been especially hard-hit economically during the pandemic because they tend to be over-represented in the hospitality and food service industries, which have been decimated by the lockdowns.

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