The Miss Yucca Valley Scholarship Pageant is this Saturday with my wife and I as the emcees for the event. Today, managing editor Tami Roleff introduces us to Mariah Muchtar…

Today we visit with Mariah Muchtar, a junior at Yucca Valley and candidate for MissYuccaValley. Hi Mariah. Tell us, who is the prominent woman you’ve been mentoring with and what you have learned…


“My prominent lady is Debbie Manning. She’s an inspirational woman who owns Manning Child Daycare. She loves her job and says she can’t imagine herself working anywhere else. From meeting with her I have learned that it is ok to take chances in life and go through the process of trial and error to find what best suits me. She also opened my eyes to the importance of living each day to the fullest, laughing at life, and loving everyone in my surroundings. Her advice for those trying to reach their goals is to pray about everything and be positive every day. She said to stay focused and if there’s a bump in the road to not get discouraged, but instead, keep trying to get through the obstacles and, in time, you will eventually reach your goals.”

What have you learned from your experience with Miss Yucca Valley?

“Through this experience with Miss Yucca Valley, I have become a happier person. I have learned the tools needed to live a proactive lifestyle and how to balance relationships between others and myself. Getting to know the other contestants has taught me that I should appreciate life more and understand what those around me are saying instead of having paradigms that prevent it. Through the book of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, I have learned how to manage time by putting first things first as well as ways and reasons to renew my soul, body, heart, and brain.”

Any final words?

“I would suggest doing Miss Yucca Valley to all and coming juniors next year because it is a great experience and you learn so much in what feels like a really short amount of time. The girls get along great and in a way we have become sisters. The best part is it doesn’t feel like a competition because everyone is too busy having fun.”

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