The second of several companies of Marines are expected to arrive home today to the Twentynine Palms Combat Center. Third Battalion 4th Marines, and 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in April in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The Marines supported the transition of U.S. forces over to the Afghan National Security Forces. An advance party for 3rd Battalion 4th Marines returned home about two weeks ago. More Marines and sailors from the Darkside Battalion and 3rd CEB are scheduled to arrive home Friday. Listen to Z107.7 today as we welcome the Marines home with a live broadcast of their return. Due to operational security concerns, Z107.7 will not announce the Marines’ return until they are about an hour out.


  • I live in the state of Maryland ,although I love to be there to see my son S.SGT Daniel Wright and his unit when they arrive in 29 Palms, I would ask you’re station to give them all oorahhh and let them know how much we love and missed them all and tell my son Daniel everybody back home in MD. loves him and misses him and that were all grateful and excited that their home finally, tell him that the Wright Clan loves him dearly and his Dad is very proud of him not only as a Marine but as a father and a great son, thank you

  • Paula

    Thank you so much for doing this! I live in Florida and cannot be there to welcome home my son – this is wonderful!

  • Debra Stief

    I live in New Jersey and was unable to fly out to 29 Palms to see my son return. Today is an emotional roller coaster and my entire family is overjoyed to know their boots have safely landed on American soil. If you have the time, please give JOHN STAFFORD a shout out and let him know his entire family and all his friends are thinking of him and wish we could all be there to see him today. We are so very proud of him and we are overjoyed that he is now safely HOME!!!!!

  • alma serna

    i would like to welcome my son Cpl Joshua Cabrera and Lima Co back to the
    great USA. I live in HOUSTON, TX and was unable to attend the great homecoming of our great heroes (sons and daughters) I apllaud you for
    the sacrifice that you have made and am very proud. we miss you and loove you and can’t wait to see you

  • Carmela

    Welcome home to my son Cpl Anthony Russell & Lima Co.

  • Michelle McPherson

    I am so happy that you are doing this for those of us that cannot be there to welcome our brave soldiers home. We live in Ohio and would have loved to have been in 29 Palms when our son LCPL Dustin McPherson stepped off that bus! Our family is so proud of the sacrifices our son and the many more men and woman made to protect our country. Please give our son a HooRah for us!

  • Patty

    So thankful for your station doing this. Welcome home to our son, Kyle Larsen and all of the Lima Company. We love you all and missed you, so thankful for your sacrifice and very proud of each and every one of you amazing individuals.

  • Celeste Netta

    Thank you Z107.7 so much for doing this. Welcome home Cpl. Victor Netta and Lima Company. Thank you for your sacrifice. We are so very proud of you! We live in Delaware and although we cannot be there in person – our son Victor will be welcomed home by his wife of 7 months. They got married and he deployed 2 weeks later. What a great homecoming! Semper Fi!! We love and miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

  • Deborah Blake

    I live in Katy,tx, and unable to be there for my son’s long awaited arrival. His family and especially his mom are so bursting with pride…please please give a shout out to call Shawn Blake but he is in weapons…thank you again see no one will be there to welcome him

  • Pam Sukeena

    We would like to welcome home our wonderful son-in-law, Cpl Vic Netta. We are so proud and honored for his service and so excited for his safe arrival home. We are here in Delaware, but his beautiful wife is there waiting for him and will give him lots of love from us all. We love you and are looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!
    Terry and Pam

  • Cynthia Hurt

    I wish my husband and I could be there to see the looks on their faces when they arrive. Our son Ben, SGT. Hurt returned a week ago to 29 Palms, our other son Chad, Lcp. Hurt stationed in Camp Pendelton was there to greet him. The following day Ben flew home to get his truck and some of his belongings. We were so excited to greet him at the airport and give him a plate of homemade food. We spoiled him as much as we could he was only home for a of couple days. We are just so happy and thankful he and all his other brothers made it back to the states. We cant wait to be able to catch up with all of them. They are all welcome in our home and hope to see them all soon. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Hurt

  • pamela anderson

    Really. We have been waiting to here our marine has made it home but your station publicized the home coming and then prior to the main event you went to news and then music! We have been listening from Missouri and would like for you to cover the homecoming and not mislead the family who are listening to here their arrival. What a disappointment!

    • Gary Daigneault

      Pamela, we do break-ins to regular programming about every 5-10 minutes to let the public waiting out on the highwy know where they are. Had you waited just a few more minutes you would have heard the progress of the busses coming home live.

  • Cherilynn

    Thank you, I also could not be there to welcome home my son Lcpl David Welshman, Im very proud of him and all his fellow Marines…..I cant wait to see him soon…

  • As a marine . Once . Always and forever. I applaud our great Hero’s that gave the altimate sacrifice. May god bless them all. For those who returned, my outmost respect and happy for their safe return. I am very proud of cpl. Joshua Cabrera my nephew, for a job well done and very happy he is home. I’m sorry I could not be there. But I’ll make it up when you get to Houston . By the way. The guys from from the substation say hi and thanks for keeping us safe.. God bless. Mijo

  • Mary Stroud

    Thank you for doing this.
    Welcome home Sgt. Miles Stroud and Kilo Co. We wish we could be there.
    We love you, and can’t wait to see you.
    Love Mom, Sierra and Tia and all of us who are waiting to hug you. Bless you all.

  • Traci P

    Thank you for doing this! My nephew returns home today and I cannot be there and it means a lot that I can listen in!

  • Brenda Zuniga

    Thank you for doing this for the families who could not be there for their loved ones. My son Cpl.JB Zuniga came home about a week ago and let me tell you, there’s no better feeling than knowing your boy is back on US soil. Although we couldn’t make it to 29 Palms this deployment, I’d like to thank every one of those guys getting off those buses for their sacrifice. Welcome home boys!

  • Tonja Goudelock

    Thank you Z107.7 for sharing this wonderful homecoming for all of us Mom’s who can’t attend. God Bless all of our 3/4 Marines and a big Thank you for keeping us all safe. We really appreciate all of the sacrifices made. Can’t wait to get LcPL Richard Smith home to South Carolina. So Thankful!!!!

  • Nelson Henriquez

    Our son Lcpl. Nelson Nicolas Henriquez is returning with the India company today. We would like to publically Welcome our young hero and his fellow Marines. We also want to thank the sacrifice of all the wounded and lost Marines that paid with their blood the freedom we enjoy.

    Nelson, Pamela and Javiera.
    Coos Bay, Oregon

  • Jennifer Neuner

    Welcome home Nicholas Neuner, I am so excited that you get to see your baby for the first time today, I wish I could be there with you today! God Bless our men and women who sacrifice so much for our Country!

  • Lori Thomas

    Welcome home Adam Thomas Hamiel and all the Lima Co. I am so happy you are home!!! Tears of joy are streaming down my face. I live on the other side of the US, so I am unable to be there to greet you. Please know that MEN like you are what makes our Country what it is!!! Thank you so much!!

  • Michelle Sword

    David & Michelle Sword would like to welcome home their son in law, LCPL Andrew Gadson in the 3rd Battalion 4th Marines. We are proud of you and are so happy to know you are back!!

  • Joy and Dicky Green

    Welcome home Lance Corporal Christopher Green! We are so excited that you are back in the USA!! I have been listening to the live broadcast from work. Dad and I have missed you so much! Everyone in the family says hello and they love you too! We are so proud of you! God Bless you and all of the other Marines in Kilo Company. See you soon!! Love, Mom!

  • Laura Tonelli

    I would like to welcome home all the Marines returning today!! I especially want to welcome home my nephew Lance Corporal Thomas Ouillette! We have missed you so much T. Thank you and the rest of the Kilo company for all that you do!! LOVE YOU!

  • Mary

    Kilo co. Shout out to Sgt. Erlandson, Sgt. Krumsiek, Ssgt. Topolski, LT. Golden Ssgt. leman welcome back guys

  • I cannot be there I am in NC but I want to give a shout out to my son LCpl McNeill Love you son

  • Kelly Meredith

    So Proud of my son LCpl Jette, So glad you are home safe and we all miss you so much, Can’t wait to see you in Dec.!!!! Welcome home! Love you, Mom

  • Traci Paletky

    Shout out to Lance Corpral Thomas Ouilette and Corpral Olsen and the ENTIRE KILO COMPANY. Thank you for everything you have done. You are thought of, cherished and loved. THANK YOU ! Much Loved Corpral Ouiletts Aunty Traci in Massachusetts!

  • Julie Beutz

    I am so proud today to be one of your regular listeners! What you have done following the marines homecoming…reminds me AMERICA the Beautiful, because of beautiful Americans! I wept reading parents comments of thanks for your support because they cant be here.I will stand out on the hwy in Joshua Tree in support as a mother for all the mothers who cant be here. I will stand out there as a wife, as my husband is a marine and if I couldn’t be there, I would appreciate a stand in! As an American I will give salute on the hwy because I am grateful for my freedom, I appreciate that it wasn’t free. I stand for you and all that came before you with gratitude and humility

  • Deborah Blake

    Well where are they

  • Orozco-Mejia Family

    Welcome home CPL. Justin Dilone. Thank god that you arrived home safe to your wife Laura a Orozco-Dilone back in California!! We are happy that you came back home and even though we’re here in New York many hugs and kisses to you Justin.

  • Gracie

    My brother Phil is returning today in 29 Palms can’t wait to see you Phil! LOVE YOU!!!

  • Jennifer Neuner

    Thank you so much for doing a shout out for my brother Nick Neuner. This is amazing!

  • Judy Jette

    Hi Mark, So happy to have you back on home turf. Grampy and I are also waiting for Dec. to see you.Grampy has a cold beer waiting. Love you so much and proud of you…..Gram and Grampy

  • sonia santiago


  • Ernest R. Brooks

    Sir: My grandson is scheduled to be on that flight today. Can you tell me if hmh 462 avionics unit 26050 is on board? Thank you

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