Last week, Major General Roger Turner held a virtual town hall to address concerns about COVID-19 on board the Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms. While the base does not release specific numbers of cases of infected individuals on board the base, he did say that the base has been able to hold down the numbers to low single digits until recently when it rose to high teens. Managing editor Tami Roleff says nevertheless, the commanding general is proud of how well the base’s Marines, sailors, families, and employees are doing in this pandemic…

Major General Roger B. Turner Jr. Commanding General, Marine Air-Ground Task Force Training Command, Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center

“I think what we’ve been able to prove over these past few months is that our procedures that we have put in place are working.”

Major General Roger Turner, the commanding general of the Combat Center, told listeners at his virtual town hall meeting that by following guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Defense, and by state and local authorities, the base has been able to keep its numbers of positive COVID-19 cases low.

“Wearing of the masks, maintaining your distance from people, washing your hands, keeping things clean around you, and if you get sick, isolating yourself, reporting for treatment, and then essentially having no interaction with anybody if you are sick.”

In addition, Turner urged Marines and their families to follow these guidelines even when they are not on the base.

“It’s incumbent on Marines and their families that they continue to sustain the practices that we apply on base even when you’re interacting with the local community.”

And he had one final piece of advice for everyone.

“We need to learn to live with this virus; it’s here to stay and it’s going to be around with us for awhile.”

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