For fans of traditional Mexican music, the return of La Zaraguata to Harrison House this weekend is a welcome one. Reporter Heather Clisby has the details…

Harrison House, an artist residency and performance space, is welcoming back La Zaraguata on Saturday, August 31 at 8 pm. La Zaraguata – translation: “The Howling Monkey” – will perform traditional music from various regions and cultures of Mexico. Though Mexico is known for mariachi, La Zaraguata explores the lesser-known genres, such as Son Jarocho from Veracruz, which includes a mix of European, Indigenous and African cultures. There’s also Cumbia, which originated in Columbia and blended beautifully with the local music. La Zaraguata will also perform Banda, music from the North, and Son Oaxaqueno, traditional songs from the South, all in an effort to bring a deeper understanding of Mexican culture and its’ musical heritage to the US. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Joshua Tree Health Foods, 61693 Twentynine Palms Highway, or online at louharrisonhouse.org. Harrison House is located at 6881 Mt Lassen Ave in Joshua Tree.

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