Scam or prudent investment?  Managing Editor Tami Roleff examines water line insurance offers…

Some Morongo Basin residents may have received a mailing urging the recipient to buy insurance for their water service line. The company, HomeServe, correctly states that property owners are responsible for repairs on the water lines between their water district’s meter or well casing, and their house. The company offers insurance coverage for leaks and repairs to these water lines. Z107.7 spoke with local water district officials, who recommended that homeowners pencil out the costs of the insurance against the potential cost of repairs to determine if the insurance is right for them. Owners of older homes may find buying the insurance is a cost they’re willing to pay, whereas owners of newer homes may not.

Reporting for Z107.7, this is managing editor Tami Roleff.


  • judy pattison

    Home owners should also find out if the business is licensed,by the state,to do these repairs and are they licensed to sell insurance.Are they bonded,insured and carry
    workman’s comp. Most plumbing companies can do these types of repairs. As always,let the buyer beware!

  • Another thing to take into account when deciding on this insurance. Plumbing codes change from time to time. What type of pipes do you have? and what is there reliability?

  • Frazier Manning

    I received one of those scare letters about my water line and I know from my life experience that that line is the least likely to give most people trouble in a 50 to 100 year life span unless you have galvanized pipe and then it can be replaced a lot cheaper than they are claiming with durable long lasting schedule 40 3/4 inch pvc pipe and appropriate connector fittings. Unless your house is a real old house it probably already has some type of plastic or pvc pipe already and should never give you trouble unless you let a tree grow over it. Cut the tree down while it is young and save.
    My house to meter line is 49 feet and I can buy at Lowe’s 5 – 10 foot lengths of 3/4 inch schedule 40 pvc pipe 4 – 3/4 inch couplings and solvent cleaner and one small can of pvc glue for less than $35.00 and I already have a couple of good shovles to dig with. I could replace the entire 49 foot line adding a couple of connector fittings for under $50.00 so the insurance in my mind is a SCAM it doesent cost $6,000.00n to $7,000.00 to repir a water line like some people are exagerating and saying. I am 76 years old and handicaped and I could repair or replace it my self.

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