Mesquite and palo verde trees have been a part of the Mojave Desert landscape for millennia. Their low maintenance and drought tolerance make them excellent choices for local gardens. Reporter Hilary Sloane is here with a story about how to plant trees ecologically…

Harrison House Music, Art & Ecology Center in Joshua Tree is dedicated to the practice and teaching of permaculture; it also provides a space for artists to explore art and ecology. The newest endeavor for Harrison House has been three short films to teach people how to sprout native mesquite and palo verde seeds. The films are “Native Planting with Damien Lester,” “Sprouting Mesquite and Palo Verde Seedlings,” and “Introduction to Greywater with Nicholas Holmes.” The first 50 residents who live within 20 miles of Harrison House can receive a free sprout just by asking. Harrison House is also holding a fundraiser; sponsor a seedling by donating $100 on the Harrison House website. To see the films and learn more about permaculture and the Harrison House, visit their website at https://louharrisonhouse.org.

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