Four teenagers were injured late Tuesday night when their car rolled over near the Joshua Tree entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. According to the California Highway Patrol, about 11:30 p.m., a 16-year-old Joshua Tree girl was driving a green 2003 Toyota Solara southbound on Quail Springs Road, toward the park entrance, when she lost control north of Tortuga Road, and the car went off the east side of the road and rolled over. The driver and her three passengers—a 17-year-old girl, and two boys, aged 15 and 16, suffered minor injuries and were taken to Hi-Desert Medical Center. It’s unknown at this time if alcohol was involved.


  • D E

    Why do they always assume that alcohol might be involved when a teen gets in an accident? Isn’t it possible that she swerved (which she should not have) to miss one of the many nocturnal desert animals out here? Maybe she fell asleep? Maybe she was distracted on the winding road? There are too many maybes out there. Yes, she could have been under the influence. Yes, she could have simply missed a curve.

  • a mom

    The only problem I see here are a group of teens out past curfew and driving together that is against the law. That should be the concern. These laws serenely made for a reason. Most likely it was just an inexperienced driver who over corrected. I hate how people just assume there may have been alcohol.

  • Maybe because of the other violations of law that are involved when a 16 year ol kid, without adult supervision, crashes a car just before midnight? Whomever it is that owns the car should be charged, as well as her parents. But this is Kalifornia.

  • Jack

    People will say we think the worst of teen drivers but when the facts come out it will either have been booze or texting. At least they didnt kill anyone.

  • not it

    Yes, the child was wrong to be out that late. Whose fault was it? Was it the parents fault who thought the child was staying the night at a friends house? Was it the friends parents? Why is it mentioned if alcohol was involved? If they knew the kids went to HDMC then they would know if alcohol was involved? Here is the news: No alcohol involved. No texting involved. Yes, they should have been at home and not out and I am sure the state will have a say about that when the DMV report is finished. The cause of the accident was an inexperienced driver taking a turn while doing the speed limit that hit a patch of sand right before a tighter turn. The “cautionary speed” sign was posted right after that spot. This is exactly what the responding officer mentioned to one of the parents after the accident.

    Jack and John, how many moving violations have you committed? Unless the answer is zero then you have no room to try to bad mouth these kids.

  • Billy

    Why must people automatically assume that drinking or texting are involved? Maybe it could be that the driver was inexperienced and driving at night while operating at about the speed limit (according to the responding officers)and the accident happened to be…an accident? It is not the first accident at that area, as witnessed by the home owners who called 911 (they say it happens often). Maybe it is because the recommended speed limit sign happens to be posted approximately where they lost control so the driver did not slow down prior to that area? Am I defending the driver? Not really, I am just saying that before people go half cocked into a comment that maybe they should get the facts.

    Why do people say the driver was without proper supervision? Maybe the girl had permission to go to the movies then stay the night at a friend’s house? And after the movie they decided to pick up more friends and go for a cruise? Because that is what happened. Or would people rather every teen wear a house arrest style anklet? Here is another question: why did the parents of the other teenagers allow their kids to get in the car? The driver in question happens to be involved with many different athletic programs both with the High School and the community, and she is in AP classes and with a GPA above 3.0 so she is not one of the typical problem teens we see crossing the street at midnight wearing all black or hitting mail boxes with baseball bats or anything like that.

    To the 2 that commented just prior to me, did you ever do anything bad while as a teen or were you perfect? Should she receive stiff fines and penalties? To date, the cost has been a totaled vehicle along with $490 in storage and towing fees. How much more do you want?

    Lets also remember that what this girl did is a misdemeanor and your comments are insinuating that she committed a felony.

    I am the father of that girl.

  • Jack

    Class act dad, here is a tip; dont buy her another car, she is trouble on wheels.

  • Jack

    zero moving violations, zero cavities, Im 42.

  • Janet

    Hey you know, children aren’t experienced drivers, and accidents do happen, thus why it is called “an accident”. I am pretty sure everyone who is suggesting alcohol was a factor has no recollection of being a teenager with zero experience. I am sure everyone has had a near miss when behind the wheel. If you do not know something, back off. Don’t automatically assume. It only makes you appear ignorant, what if it was your kid, and something happened to them? Saying it “won’t” happen is dumb. They are the ones it “could” happen to. Maybe a little less keyboard warrior, and more actual praise that none of these children were seriously injured, or even worse, killed! Have some compassion. And before you run your flap Jack, No my children were not involved in this accident. Had they been, I too, would be irritated at your level of immaturity to continue to run your little fingers on a board.

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