With wildlands in close proximity to homes, fire prevention actions are always in order.  Reporter Mike Lipsitz passes along important tips…

In response to the ongoing wildfire threat, the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes offers the following prevention tips to protect your property and loved ones.

  • Your gutters, eaves and roof should be clear of debris. Your street number should be clearly marked for emergency responders. Firewood and yard waste should be cleared from within 30 feet of buildings. Tree branches should be trimmed to within six to ten feet of the ground.
  • Identify an emergency water supply for firefighting within 1,000 feet of your home. This could be a hydrant, swimming pool, or emergency storage tanks shared among neighbors.

With your family, have a fire disaster plan including at least two evacuation routes. Have on hand a NOAA Weather Radio and disaster kit, and follow evacuation orders immediately. For more information on wildfire prevention go to

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