At yesterday’s special meeting of county supervisors in San Bernardino, the board looked at the county’s position relative to Governor Gavin Newsom’s revised readiness and recovery plan. Front and center on everyone’s mind was the question of how long must the county wait for a green light from Sacramento after we demonstrate that this county is in compliance and wants—no, needs—to open if small businesses, churches, and townships are to survive? Reporter Mike Lipsitz is here with the answer as best as anyone can tell…

Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe discussed having places of worship being able to post that they were compliant with county guidelines for social distancing and sanitation. Video screenshot

Administrators plan to button up the presentation on county-compliance and readiness to fully implement the governor’s phase two accelerated opening and have it to the state department of public health sometime today.

And despite considerable pressure, supervisors could not get a firm answer on how long before the state would complete its review and get back to the board. What they did learn is that hopeful county administrators are banking on Monday or Tuesday for some determination. When it does come, supervisors want to know what it will look like for small businesses no longer classified as essential or non-essential, but instead along a continuum based on their level of risk to public health.

Following the clerk’s reading of numerous written public comments some for full and immediate openings and others for a more controlled, cautious approach, the board opted to wait a bit longer for state clearance, not that they have much choice.

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