Z107.7 News has learned that investigators have developed key information in the case of the wife of a Twentynine Palms Marine who was reported missing Sunday morning, June 29. A source close to the Sheriff’s investigation revealed that Corwin, who is three months pregnant, had apparently been having an affair with another married Marine and investigators believe that pregnancy was from her lover, not her husband. The source noted that investigators have interviewed all the parties involved and said while their stories have checked out, the other Marine’s story is full of contradictions, and they do not believe they will find Erin Corwin alive. Saturday morning, June 28, Erin Corwin, 19, told her husband she was going to scout locations in Joshua Tree National Park in preparation for her mother’s visit. When she did not return, Corporal Jonathon Corwin reported her missing to the County Sheriff’s Department. Her car was found the next day by a Twentynine Palms Water District employee at Valle Vista and Ranch Road, according to KFMB-TV in San Diego. Sheriff’s Captain Dale Mondary said in interviews with other media that detectives and search-and-rescue personnel have narrowed their search to a few specific areas in the Morongo Basin, but would not say where. In the meantime, the families of Erin and Jonathan Corwin, from Tennessee, have set up a fund-raising website to help the family with expenses, and for a reward for information about her whereabouts. Anyone who has any information about Erin Corwin, whose 20th birthday is Tuesday, is asked to call the Sheriff’s Department at 760-366-4175. The link to the family’s GoFundMe website can be found with this story on


Erin Corwin


  • alexandra

    It is funny how you will not accept anonymous internet comments but publish “sources” without names. Let’s all hope that you are not passing gossip that could interfere with finding this poor girl.

  • Raina Ando

    Can you confirm this? No other media outlets are reporting this. “A source close to the Sheriff’s investigation,” How close, in what capacity? LE wouldn’t leak this! Are you sure the source is not just spreading rumors to protect the husband since everyone on facebook is so concerned about protecting from accusations? It’s big news if true, yet why has no one else reported it? What is the other marine’s name?

  • Roger Thomas

    This story needs to be retracted as it seems it is not true and the source should be investigated.

  • Lynn Marquardt

    Unless you are willing to name the “source” of this information it is purely speculation and gossip. This is incredibly irresponsible reporting and should be retracted immediately.

  • tln

    I am saying this is a peterson case. I was told this also by someone close to the investigation. I hope with the new leads they find her soon for peace for her family.

  • Max

    Advisory: UPDATE-The search for 19-year-old Erin Corwin has covered more than 200 square miles of remote desert.

    Hi Jax,

    DATE/TIME: Sunday, June 29, 2014 *UPDATE – July 11, 2014

    INCIDENT: Missing Person Investigation

    LOCATION: Twentynine Palms

    VICTIM: Erin Corwin, 19-year-old, white female, 5’02”, 120, brown hair, blue eyes

    UPDATE – July 11, 2014:
    The Specialized Investigators, along with Sheriff’s Search & Rescue volunteers continue the search for Erin Corwin. The search area is concentrated around the Joshua Tree National Park and has covered more than 200 square miles of remote desert.
    The information released during this search has been minimal due to the suspicious nature of Erin’s disappearance. The search has shown no sign of Erin and her disappearance does not appear to be voluntary. When conducting investigations like these, Investigators must keep in mind the potential for this search to turn into a criminal investigation at any time. Therefore, the information released about the search techniques, search areas and interviews will be minimal.
    The search will continue as necessary, throughout the weekend using search and rescue volunteers from San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County and Kern County Sheriff’s Departments and Joshua Tree National Park Service Rangers.
    Anyone with information about Erin Corwin is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Specialized Investigation Division at (909)387-3589 or Sheriff’s dispatch at (909)387-8313. Callers wishing to remain anonymous can contact the WeTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463) or go to
    Updates will be released as new information becomes available.
    For full details, view this message on the web.

  • karen anderson

    Whatever the propaganda…. At this point the focus should be on finding her!!!lets focus on that !!!!!

  • What else is new. Most Marine wives sleep around when their husbands are away fighting for our freedom. It’s sad to know this could be a result of cheating but it’s not the first time a military wife has been missing let alone killed for adultery. I’m not saying she deserves this crucial punishment but this world is Satins world and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Bottom line, these young people get married for the wrong reasons and the end results are not good!

  • RonRober

    Unnamed sources with scurrilous content devoid of any reporter’s name. Is this some kind of a joke? Yellow journalism at its best.

  • ruth

    This is the local and only radio station for this area. They are rarely ever wrong in what they report/post. I believe this to be true and if false they will apologize appropriately. Sadly this happens all the time, everywhere. Just pray that if it is true they find her so justice can be served.

  • Chris

    Why is this radio station the only source reporting such information? I seriously doubt that anyone “close to the investigation” would jeopardize not only the investigation, but their own jobs by “releasing” such a story! If this station can’t give factual information as to who provided you with this “story”, then don’t publicize it!!! Very unethical and unprofessional and cruel, as are more and more media outlets, that choose to claim that the information comes from their “confidential source” as a way to get ratings and not be held liable for such outrageous garbage!

  • Nilda G

    I believe this is accurate info. Info the authorities, I believe, knew pretty much from the beginning
    but weren’t saying ANYTHING.
    Don’t begrudge the radio station. They could have made such speculations the last week
    or so. They’re professionals in broadcasting and have high standard

  • Kyle H

    Unfortunately this is information that was released to authorities. Those who knew the couple knew that they were working group thru infidelity issues. The name of the “lover” won’t probably be released just yet due to further investigations. Those working the case need to keep handle of the sensitive information under wraps to avoid speculations and any interruptions from the investigation.
    It is ashame of what’s happened to Erin, and hope she is found.

  • Cam

    Z1077’s sources usually turn out to be good. Hopefully this is one time they’re wrong though

  • Karynn

    Alexandra & Raina: Good points & I completely agree with you!!

    Maybe Z107.7 needs to follow their own rules!!

    —> We reserve the right to reject or remove any comments with purposely incorrect facts, threatening, abusive, obscene, or defamatory language or innuendos. We will not accept anonymous posting. <—–

  • MK

    This is such garbage!!! I have been talking with her mother a lot and this is not true at all!!! Erin did NOT have an affair with anyone. Please get your facts straight! If you knew Erin, you would know that this is just preposterous.

    • steve

      Yeah well I doubt her mother would tell you if her daughter was having an affair, plus would erin even tell her mother about it in the first place? Doubt that too

  • MK

    This radio station took my comment off of their website when I tried to tell the true version of the story… Guess they care more about gossip than fact!
    The bottom line is we need Erin home!

  • lisa

    This is exactly what i assumed and suggested the family look into from the get go. Just had a feeling about it and I was right all along

  • Keith

    Any man that truly loves his wife would not go through the night with her missing without contacting authorities. I understand there is a certain amount of time that must pass before you can report someone missing but that would not stop a husband that is truly concerned about his missing pregnant wife. The fact that he is “taking it well” is not a good sign.

  • kay

    Wow, that’s a huge accusation. If it’s true that would explain a lot. Maybe she told the marine she was going to spill the beans about the baby and he was afraid of his wife finding out. THAT IS IF IT”S TRUE! I would also feel sorry for her husband if it is true, he looks like a nice guy. Noone else is reporting this so maybe it isn’t true at all.

  • Marie

    Pretty sure this article was intended to make the story more interesting. Not very factual. Poor reporting guys. I hope she is found and found alive.

  • Kay

    Funny my comment is not on here! I didn’t put anything bad In it! Let’s see if they leave this on. GEEZ. Anywho, if this is true than this makes sense because maybe she told the boyfriend she was going to spill the beans about his baby and he didn’t want his wife to find out. Sad if it is true.

  • Alexandria

    Nothing in this story is published anywhere on any other news outlet. Lets let law enforcement do their job. They know what they are doing. I can’t believe this station would publish all this without verifying ONE single source. To me, that screams BS!. Please, how would you feel if this was your family member. No one knows what the true story outside of the family and law enforcement and it’s not for any of us to know. Our only job is to do the decent thing and pray for everyone involved.

  • lisa

    Since I have posted the breaking news about erin on the locate erin page, I have now been blocked by them on their page

  • Tinker

    This is true. As this was told to me by someone close to the investigation.

  • Frances Cain

    Why is it San Diego’s news media is the source? What’s wrong with San Bernardino County’s media?

  • birds

    It surprises me that if this is the true story, more media stations have not told it. I have been following the case closely and this is the first I am hearing of this. I think that this is merely gossip! If this somehow affects her being found, shame on who ever made this up!!!

  • Joanne

    She isn’t 3 mos pregnant, she lost her first baby and is just now pregnant a second time. Jon didn’t report her missing (as your article states) when she didn’t come home…he waited until the next day and there is no waiting period for reporting a missing person. He says he called all her friends and no one had heard from her or knew where she was, so he waited..?!? This artcle is so skewed and slanted that I find it hard to believe you really have a source close to the investigation who said any such thing. It would be a theory they would pursue but your article smacks of being a piece merely trashing a young missing woman and painting her very bizarrely behaved husband in a positive light.

  • Jennifer Stevens

    I think they wasted time searching in the desert for you. It doesnt make since they found her car 1 block from base. Anyone with any sense wouldnt go park there car walk 8 miles to park let alone without a ce ll phone. No call were being answered or made. And who would wait that long to report that there wife was missing and exspecially pregant. Maybe cause he was busy cleaning up his mess. Its not likely thay she would run away and not contact her mother they seemed close. With all the cameras around base there should be some sort of surveillence. Maybe the bsby wasnt his and he couldmg handle. It. He looks creepy.It will all come out soon ot a later. But someone needs to come forward someone knows something. Sherrifs department needs to do more interviews I hope shes ok but this is obviously a crimal matter

  • Cam

    I heard the same story(with one more small detail) from someone close to investigators before Z1077 announced it. Don’t be so quick to scream “Fake!”. And as far as mainstream media not reporting this, they care more about their reputation than sharing the truth. Just look at all these people bashing Z1077 for having the nerve to cover this story. Also, it’s possible their source only shared this info with them and not any other media outlets.

  • Shannon

    From what I understand, this seems to be a pretty small, close-knit community (compared to most towns), since most of the surrounding area is desert and it’s mostly military. If other suspects were brought in for questioning, I’m sure that information would have gotten around rather quickly and more than one single news source would be reporting this. Also, I find it bizarre that anyone would know this early into a pregnancy who the biological father is if they are *supposedly* sleeping with more than one person.
    Think about it, this would mean at least 2 other people are involved/being questioned- the man Erin was supposedly having an affair with and his wife. Between four people- the man she’s *supposedly* having an affair, his wife, Erin, and her husband… there would definitely be much more gossip out there prior to Erin’s disappearance, and there definitely would be more people close to this group of people discussing these details as well. As you can see, the ONLY discussion of this rumor is on this ONE website. Waaaaay too many holes in this story and it should not be trusted.

  • Nanette Wurtz

    Z107.7 is not the only new station reporting this. The T.V stations – nbc, CBS , abc all have had reports on it. This is the only radio station that is going out and bring us the news. There is a missing person that people are looking for. We have seen this happen in our desert before. Sadly most have come out bad. All you can do is hope for the best.

  • Desert22

    Whether or not this story is based on facts I don’t know. What I have noticed is that the Palm Springs newspapers and other media typically ignore events here in yucca, morongo and 29. Maybe because we are in San Bernardino county and Palm Springs is riverside county. San bernardino media does not report on events out here too often, maybe as we are so disconnected geographically. So we are left I guess with the HiDesert Star which comes out twice a week, and z107 which tends to cover local issues in a more timely matter. Again I’m not making a judgement about this article or the details included within, but rather suggesting that there may be reasons why we don’t get info from other sources

  • Desert

    She was having an affair. It started around the time she lost her first pregnancy. John found out about it and forgave her and wanted to work through it. She, on the other hand, kept it a secret that she was still seeing the other guy. They volunteered together.
    I suspect that her “spending the night at the ranch” was a cover for when she would instead be with the other guy.
    She would tell people at parties she wasn’t happy with John. Poor guy had no idea.
    On the Locate Erin page, John’s aunt confirmed the affair, but the comments were quickly deleted. I have heard that she is also the one who told z107.7 this information that this article is based off of.
    Just because the family paints a pretty picture of the couple, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • Dave Stevens

    It is nice to hear the truth here!
    I assume the boyfriend is responsible for Erin’s disappearance.
    Erin probably did become pregnant by him, she probably confronted him and wanted more!
    He was already married and probably playing around with Erin and she confronted him!
    I assume he drove the red Car and they met Saturday morning, went to the Park, and he most likely killed her!
    Nobody has heard from her in nearly 3 weeks, not a good sign, similiar to other cases like this!
    He was a close neighbor very convenient, he couldn’t Account for his time, and I presume he is the Prime Suspect being investigated!
    Poor Jonathan!!!

  • kay

    OK She was spotted, that morning, by a guy named Beasely who lives near where her car was found. He saw her get into a small red sedan with another guy who had short hair. She chatted with him in his car then she locked her car, got back in his car and they drove off. Later Beasely and his sister noticed the car had been moved farther away from the road by 100 yards. The short hair means a marine??? Since her mom was coming and they had tickets already to SeaWorld, she wouldn’t have gone for good. Why is this case taking so long??? Is the FBI on it too, I hope.

  • Missy31

    Even though having an affair doesn’t make you less a victim, it DOES make you more prone to becoming a victim. How many times have we seen people doing what they shouldn’t be doing and end up disappearing. Countless stories of this happening! People have to STOP with the cheating. It’s disgraceful and an awful awful thing to do. And a lot of it does happen on military bases when spouses are away. I know, because I worked on the 29 Palms Marine Corps base and wives were admitting to it. It’s never right and so many times, something terrible happens because of it. Many missing persons cases are because people are doing what they aren’t supposed to. Just my two cents. It doesn’t at all excuse the perpetrator and justice must be served! It just means that people have to start making the right choices in life for this to stop. Also, I do think that Z1077 would not be publishing something they didn’t believe was valid….considering they are the only major news source up there in the High Desert. It would look really bad if they weren’t correct and I don’t think they would ever take that risk.

  • Cheryl Robles

    I really hope & pray they find her…as for the news, Yucca Valley needs better reporters. All we have up here is the Hi Desert Star that comes out once a week, & usally behind on all the news. This radio station, isn’t too bad but could still use some work on reporting stories….accurately. As for Kesq news they don’t usally report anything up here unless it’s snowing! It would be nice to have a decent Paper/reporters up here. This town is growing fast.

  • Casmic

    I would like to add that NO reputable news outlet would ever identify a confidential source. A journalist would lose all credibility if they named their sources. As to the details reported, I had heard the same information before the story posted from two different sources. There is sometimes a thin line between protecting the details of the case and keeping a community informed. I do not believe this article in anyway attempts to slander the name of Erin Corwin. But it is a journalist’s duty to uncover details and report the credible, relevant ones.

    Living in this community, I have felt a deep, emotional impact from this investigation. Like most others, my strongest hope in this case is that she is found soon so that she can be reunited with her family.

  • Sam

    The sad story of Marine wife, Brittany Killgore who went missing in 2012, comes to mind. There is a very dark element to the Marine Corps and although it is seldom talked about, the deep closets of the USMC are sometimes open for public inspection. Then it is apparent that there is nothing good in there…

  • A

    This story is real, the cheating and everything. The husband works on base with my husband and they all constantly discuss what’s going on.

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