Sheriff deputies approach the cab with guns drawn about 40 minutes after it crashed on Highway 62 in Yucca Valley. Tami Roleff photo

At least one person is dead following a pursuit and officer-involved shooting in Yucca Valley Sunday night. Eyewitnesses told Z107.7 News that the pursuit started in Apple Valley about 10 p.m. The driver of a white semi drove south on State Route 247 at normal highway speeds.

Shahanee Diaz video

Shahanee Diaz told Z107.7 News that the semi driver avoided spike strips laid down by California Highway Patrol officers in Johnson Valley and Yucca Valley. When the semi-cab reached the intersection of Highway 62 in Yucca Valley about 11 p.m., it turned west on the highway. Diaz said that the semi crossed over the median and made a U-turn on the highway at Pinon Drive. It then hit and dragged a patrol car that was in pursuit. It was then that the officer-involved shooting occurred, as dozens of shots were fired. The semi crashed off the right shoulder of the highway, just east of Pinon. It’s not known at this time why officers were pursuing the semi and how many people were inside the semi. Eastbound lanes of Highway 62 were closed during the investigation.

A white semi-cab crashed off the right shoulder of Highway 62 between Pinon and Kickapoo Trail. Tami Roleff photo
Tami Roleff photo
Deputies open the door to the semi cab to check on the occupant inside the vehicle.
Tami Roleff photo
Tami Roleff photo
Deputies were still investigating the officer-involved shooting Monday morning. Tami Roleff photo.
The semi-cab was still in location 6:30 a.m. Monday morning. Tami Roleff photo

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