A Twentynine Palms High graduate is pursuing his filmmaking dream.  ROP Broadcasting student Makayla Ogdahl tells how he’s going about it…

A lot of people think that just because they live in a small town, they can’t make anything out of their lives. However, TPHS alumnus Joshua Hale, disagrees.  Currently a Digital Media Arts major at Oklahoma Baptist University, Josh was inspired at a young age to pursue a career in film, recalling, “[He] began abusing [his] parent’s home camcorder until became [his] own, making short films with friends and filming whatever [he] could.” He attests this interest in the movie-making process to films like Jurassic Park and the 2002 Spider-Man.

Today, Josh gives credit to God, his family, and his fiancée for inspiring him and helping him push himself. He adds “Without their backing and support, [he] would not have accomplished what [he] has in the short 3 years [he’s] been attending OBU.”

His advice to other aspiring directors and filmmakers is “to always produce content and to never lose sight of who you are. In the midst of high school where everyone is trying to find their identity, it can be hard to find your voice through a camera lens. Stick with what you love, what you care about, and put that on film… Cellphones are now being used to make movies, so don’t think because you don’t have the latest camera equipment that you can’t make something special. You can, [all] it really takes determination, as opposed to slick software or anything tangible.”

Reporting for Z107.7 News, I’m ROP Broadcast student, Makayla Ogdahl.

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