Joshua Tree National Park is a special place for stargazing.  Ranger Carey Goldstein invites you to look up…

Stories of the stars are among the oldest of all folktales, but still have just as much meaning today.  As our night skies continue to be affected by excessive outdoor lighting and glare from cities, visitors are becoming more interested in looking at the stars as seen in a darker night sky of in a national park.  Finding a place to gaze up at the stars can provide solace and enjoyment.  Here at Joshua Tree National Park, there are many areas and opportunities  for people to look at the stars and enjoy a view of galaxies, star clusters, planets, and constellations. A view of the Milky Way provides us with the chance to gaze up at our own galaxy and think about where we fit in this grand solar system.  For information on the best viewing areas for looking at the night sky, stop in at any visitor center to talk to our staff, or call us at 760-367-5522.  For Z107.7, this is Park Ranger Carey Goldstein, reminding you to enjoy the solace and wonder of your national park.


Community Renaissance of California (CoRE) is processing applications for the new affordable housing project in Yucca Valley.  Managing Editor Tami Roleff says that Monday is the last day that CoRE representatives will be in town to sign people up…

Applications are now being taken for Dumosa Senior Village, the low-income senior apartments currently under construction in Yucca Valley. Applicants must submit a refundable $100 deposit and non-refundable $20 application fee, government ID and Social Security card, a birth certificate for minors, and all proof of income, to include statements for bank accounts, life insurance and retirement accounts, and mortgage statements for properties or closing statements for properties sold within the last two years. Income limits for the apartments range from $12,750 for one person up to $30,085 for three people, with monthly rents ranging from $315 to $629. To receive and submit an application, go to the Joshua Tree room of the Yucca Valley Community Center on Monday, August 25, between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Bring all required documents and fees as incomplete applications will not be accepted. All residents intending to live in the housing must also attend for a personal interview.


Due to low number of surgeries scheduled, Animal Action League is cancelling its clinics scheduled for Monday, August 25, and Wednesday, August 27. For more information, call 760-366-1100.


Joshua Tree National Park is full of history.  Reporter Cara Conway says you can learn it while hiking to where it happened…

Join Desert Naturalist and Historian Instructors as you are guided on moderate to strenuous hikes filled with history on familiar places such as Barker Dam, Quail Mountain’s summit, Stubbe Springs and more! These history filled courses held by the Desert Institute at Joshua Tree National Park are being offered starting Sunday October 5. Cost is $50 for members, $60 nonmembers.   For exact dates, courses and registration call 760-367-5535 or visit

Reporting for Z107.7, this is reporter Cara Conway.


A new moon drum circle will be held 7 to 9 p.m. Monday, August 25. Facilitated by Sam Sloneker, the drum circle will be held on the patio of the sanctuary at Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Participants are encouraged to bring drums, shakers, and tambourines. The drum circle is free, although donations of $5 for individuals or $10 per family are requested. For more information, call 760-365-8371.


If you want to find an activity that will challenge your brain, activate your creativity, and amaze your friends then you should sign up for the Copper Mountain College “Bringing Wonder” Magic Class. This class is suitable for any age and will help build self-esteem and confidence. Students will learn how to build an entire magic act. In five weeks, students will learn the fundamentals of magic and will create a selection of tricks to do at talent shows, parties or just to impress friends and family. This magic class will encompass history, science, math and communication skills. The final class will include a magic show performed by the students for their friends and family. This class will take place on Saturdays from October 4th to November 1st from 10am-12pm. The fee is $45. There are only 20 spots available so sign up now! For more information or to sign up call 760-366-3791.