A Twentynine Palms man claims to have seen Erin Corwin on the day of her disappearance. Corwin, a 20-year old pregnant Twentynine Palms woman, has been the object of an extensive search since she was reported missing on June 29, one day after she left her home aboard the Marine Base. Z107.7 spoke with Michael Beasley who told us he saw Corwin get into a new-looking and shiny red car. CBS News 8 in San Diego, who we are quoting with permission, reported that Beasley said he saw the young wife rendezvous with a man at the location, near the intersection of Valle Vista and Ranch Roads, around 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 28.

Beasley told Z107.7 News he saw Corwin got out of her blue Toyota, lock her vehicle and get inside the man’s “brand new red vehicle”, a compact sedan, the two then drove away. Jessica Beasley, Michael’s sister, also remembers seeing the blue car before authorities found it. However, she remembers the vehicle being closer to the road than the location it was ultimately found by investigators. The siblings gave their statements to sheriff investigators at the scene when the Toyota was found June 30.

According to records obtained by CBS News 8, Joshua Tree Court Judge Jon Ferguson signed four search warrants just after midnight July 1. While the probable cause affidavits associated with the warrants were sealed, attachments to the warrants were not. The attachments listed listed two vehicles and two on-base apartments in which investigators were authorized to look for personal artifacts, weapons, and electronic devices. There was no mention of a red car.

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The Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol have completed their reports on the armed robbery and fatal crash in Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree Saturday. According to Sheriff’s Sergeant Matt Yost, Scott Grogins, 25, went to a home in the 7200 block of Palo Alto in Yucca Valley about 3 p.m. Saturday to collect payment of $140, which he said the resident stole from him. Yost said Grogins had a gun, and forced the residents to empty their pockets. When the residents told him he had to leave, he left, but Yost said Grogins came back about 4 p.m. with at least two other people, including Tara Palkman, 25, and an unidentified man. The victims told police that Grogins then forced his way into their home, pointed a gun at them, and stole several items before leaving in a 2014 black Nissan with his companions. About 5 p.m., CHP Officer Carr reports that Sean Keller, 21, of Moreno Valley was driving the Nissan at more than 100 miles per hour eastbound on Alta Loma Drive. Both the Sheriff’s Department and the CHP report that NO law enforcement vehicles were in pursuit of the car. Keller lost control of his car when it became airborne after a small dip in the road, just west of Sunny Vista Road. The car struck a berm on the north side of the road and rolled over several times out into the open desert. Keller was transported by helicopter to Desert Hospital in Palm Springs where he died about 6:30. Michael Cottler, 37, of Crestline, a passenger in the car, was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the car. He died at Hi-Desert Medical Center about an hour after the crash. Rescue personnel had to use the Jaws of Life to remove all the doors to the car and the car’s roof in order to get to Tara Palkman and Scott Grogins, who both received major injuries in the crash. They were flown to Desert Hospital.


A Landers man is behind bars, accused of assaulting an acquaintance early Tuesday morning. According to Sheriff’s Sergeant Matt Yost, Daniel Grebic, 27, met a transient woman at a methadone clinic in Palm Springs. The woman spent the night at an RV trailer at Grebic’s home in the 1500 block of Covelo in Landers, but called police to report that Grebic was trying to break into the trailer. Yost said Grebic chased the woman to a nearby home where his aunt lives, and when his aunt distracted Grebic, the woman ran back to his home and locked the door. Grebic broke into his house and attacked the woman with a large metal pole. He then fled and hid in a vehicle about two blocks away. Deputies located Grebic in the 1500 block of Mason Dixon and arrested him for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held at West Valley Detention Center with his bail set at $50,000.


The Yucca Valley Town Council met last night and finally named a town manager. Managing Editor Tami Roleff breaks her report into two parts. In part 1 today, name and terms for a manager, tomorrow, in part 2, Black Rock Canyon Road…

Curtis Yakimow

Director of Administrative Services Curtis Yakimow was named Yucca Valley Town Manager at the Town Council Meeting Tuesday night.

“Understanding the importance of obtaining unanimous Town Council support, when it became apparent that there may not be that support, one of the candidates, Deputy Town Manager Shane Stueckle, requested that his name be withdrawn from consideration for that appointment…. The Council is pleased to announce the unanimous appointment of Curtis Yakimow as town manager.” Yucca Valley Town Attorney Lona Laymon announced the Council’s decision to hire the Town’s current director of administrative services, Curtis Yakimow, as its new town manager, effective immediately. Under Yakimow’s 3-year contract, he will be paid $149,500 annually, with no car allowance, no paid time off, and up to 200 hours of paid vacation annually (dependent on whether he keeps his current position as administrative director), and with a severance package of no more than five months salary. The announcement was greeted with applause and kudos by both residents and council members. In tomorrow’s report, we’ll hear about the Council’s actions on Black Rock Canyon Road.


The Morongo Basin Horsemen’s Association will hold a Gymkhana Saturday in Twentynine Palms. The event will feature events on horseback such as cloverleaf barrels, pole bending, cat’s cradle, flag race, and a mystery horsemanship drill. The public is invited to attend. Registration begins at 5 p.m., with the games starting at 6. The cost is $4 per event for members; $6 per event for non-members. The Gymkhana will be held at Parker’s Arena, 4180 Mesquite Springs Road in Twentynine Palms. For more information, call Kim Ortamond, 760-367-1120.


After quickly agreeing to recommend to the City Council that it consider amending the city code to allow permanent ambulance staging areas in commercial zones, the Twentynine Palms Planning Commission devoted its July 15 meeting to a workshop on vacation home rentals. Reporter Dan Stork reports that that work is just beginning…
The Twentynine Palms Planning Commission began its reconsideration of vacation home rentals with an hour of public comment of a general nature on the subject. After a break, the Commissioners turned to a point-by-point review of the ordinance that had been drafted in 2010, before the then-City Council pulled the plug on the subject. Tuesday night’s discussion was driven by a 15-point digest of issues that Jim Hamilton, the new Interim Development Manager for the City, had pulled from the 9-page draft ordinance. Hamilton prefaced the discussion by advising that an ordinance should be written so that there is minimum leeway in interpreting it in a particular case, so that the rules are clear and unambiguous. The Commission treated 5 of the points before adjourning, with the following consensus:
1. The issue of where VHRs may be allowed needs further discussion.
2. There should be no limit on the number of VHRs allowed in the city. (The draft set a limit of 10 city-wide.)
3. Notification of neighbors that a property is to be a VHR should be limited to 300 feet from the property, to be consistent with other notification radii in the development code. (The draft called for 1000 feet.)
4. The Commission leaned towards relaxing the rule that VHRs be limited (for the most part) to single stand-alone structures, and agreed that site and building design issues should be discussed further.
5. Commission consensus was that annual septic inspection called for in the draft ordinance was excessive, but an initial septic inspection and annual building and safety reviews are reasonable.
There was spirited public discussion on each point. Potential VHR operators stressed property rights and minimized the impact of VHRs on community life as compared with standard long-term rentals. Innkeepers claimed that they were required to operate under more stringent rules than those proposed for VHRs, and provided superior public safeguards, for an equivalent commercial service.
The Commission will return to the subject of VHRs at its August 5 meeting.


The Twentynine Palms Library invites children of all ages to travel back to the dinosaur days with their summer reading program. The performance for children this week is John Abrams animal magic show, the only magic show with live exotic pets in all of Southern California. John doesn’t just show the animals, he tells about them through zany comedy and stunning magic. This free program begins at 10:30am tomorrow. The teen program will be a craft workshop on making Matchbox Treasure Chests. All supplies are provided. This free program is tomorrow at 3 p.m. The Twentynine Palms Library is also offering an adult summer reading program. For each library book read, adults will have an opportunity to win prizes. Registration is still open for this free Program; drop by anytime during open hours. For more information, call the Twentynine Palms Library at 760-367-9519.


The Hi-Desert Water District Board meets in regular session tonight. Managing Editor Tami Roleff says the Board will look at reimbursing themselves for their medical expenses….
The Board of Directors of the Hi-Desert Water District will meet at 6:00 tonight. Among the items on the agenda, the directors will hear two presentations, including one on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. The Board will also be asked to approve a resolution establishing a plan for reimbursements of medical expenses for board members who do not participate in the District’s group health plan. The meeting will be held at 6:00 in District offices on the highway at Inca Trail in Yucca Valley.

The Joshua Basin Water District Board of Directors will meet at 6:00 tonight. Among the items on the agenda, the directors will hold a public hearing on the water availability charges for fiscal years 2014/15. The Board will also be asked to adopt the 2014 Mojave Region Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. The meeting is set for 7 p.m. at District offices on Chollita Road in Joshua Tree.


The Board of Directors at the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce voted to support a yes vote for the Wastewater Treatment Project’s upcoming assessment district.


The Morongo Valley CSD monthly meeting is scheduled for July 16. Dan Stork says it deals with the annual budget and fire reports, and the Cal Fire fee…
The July 16 meeting of the Morongo Valley Community Services District Board of Directors starts at 7 p.m., at Covington Park. In addition to fire, training, and facilities usage reports, the Board will conduct a public hearing for the annual budget for the coming year, adopt the annual fire department report, and consider a resolution opposing the Cal Fire fee.


Sky’s the Limit will host a star party this Saturday, July 19 starting at the Twentynine Palms observatory about 8:00 p.m. and ending about midnight. Observers will be able to focus telescopes on the Needle Galaxy, the Sagittarius and Hercules Clusters, and the four great nebulae near the heart of the Milky Way. Bring binoculars, telescopes, water, snacks, chairs, and dress for unpredictable weather. For more information, call 760-367-7222. Sky’s The Limit Observatory and Nature Center is just north of the entrance to the Joshua Tree National Park in Twentynine Palms.


The Yucca Valley Noon Rotary Club is in its 56th year, and installed its new Board of Directors recently. This year’s officers and directors are: President Cynthia Kraemer; President-elect Jill Akalski; Treasurer Ellin Loveless; Secretary Jill Akalski. Serving as public relations chair is Cynthia Kraemer; Sheldon Hough is Rotary Foundation Chair; administration chair is Bob Stadum; Ignazio Ficara is service projects chair; and membership chair is John Babrowski.


In keeping with their community outreach programs, Cactus Sewables has given checks of $500 to each of the following groups: Boys and Girls Club of the Hi-Desert; Boys and Girls Club of the Coachella Valley; the Twentynine Palms Youth Club; Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms and Desert Hot Springs libraries; the Hi-Desert Nature Museum; the Twentynine Palms Historical Society; and the Morongo Basin Historical Society. The quilt guild doesn’t meet in July and August, but they welcome people to join them when they reconvene on September 8.

Cactus Sewables