Do you dream about snakes?  Ranger Pat Pilcher says you’re not alone…

Throughout the world, the most dreamed about animal is the serpent.  In Joshua Tree National Park, as spring begins and temperatures start to warm up, snakes are turning up in more places than just people’s minds.  Red racers and gopher snakes are just a few of the colorful species that will be crossing roads in pursuit of a meal or a mate.  Of all the various snakes in the park, the rattlesnake provokes the strongest reaction among visitors.   There are six different species of rattlesnake in the Park and all are dangerous. If you spot one, please observe it from a respectful distance. Slow down while driving through the park and you may see one of our many types of snakes.  Remember these creatures have important jobs to do.  Snakes primary role is to control rodent populations, and support other animals in the food web. To learn more about snakes, call the visitor center at 760 367-5500.  For Z107.7 This is Park Ranger Pat Pilcher, inviting you to celebrate 75 years of inspiration at Joshua Tree National Park.


Residents of Southern California have reported receiving  fraudulent email messages instructing them to appear before the Superior Court of California for the County of San Bernardino. The fraudulent email messages contain a Notice of Appearance stating that the recipient has been scheduled to appear in the Court of San Bernardino. The email further states that should the recipient fail to appear at the scheduled time, the hearing may proceed and a judge may rule in the case in their absence. The Superior Court of California for the County of San Bernardino never gives notice of court hearings or other proceedings via email. If you have received such an email, contact the Court Executive Office, 303 West Third Street, 4th Floor, San Bernardino, California 92415. at 909-708-8747.


Yucca Valley Town Council and Park Commission members stay to play after the ribbon cutting at Paradise Park.

Yucca Valley Town Council and Park Commission members stay to play after the ribbon cutting at Paradise Park.

The Town of Yucca Valley conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony, announcing the completion of the Town’s latest capital improvement project at Paradise Park, on the east end of Yucca Valley. Mayor Robert Lombardo cut the ribbon, with assistance from Mayor Pro Tem George Huntington and fellow Council Members, Merl Abel, Bob Leone, and Dawn Rowe.  The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Commission was also represented by PRCC Chair Jeff Evans, and Commissioners Meredith Jones, Edith Jones-Poland, and Laurine Silver.  The Paradise Park Improvement Project was financed by Community Development Block Grant funding in the amount of $91,000 and took a month to complete. The improvements include the replacement of the existing playground equipment, and replacing the existing play-surface sand with wood chips allowing for ADA access. The new playground equipment has age-appropriate features for children 2-5 and also 5 – 12 years of age.


If you’re unsure about what to do after high school graduation, ROP broadcasting student Tyra Terrell Davis says, consider a military career…

One of the many choices after high school is joining the military. Joining has many benefits like getting a cash bonus or getting your college education paid for. There are five branches of the military Army, Air force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. There are many ways of signing up for the military like online or the recruiter’s in yucca valley their contact information is 760-228-1711 .


Coming up in high school sports tomorrow, the Twentynine Palms boys’ tennis team will host Marywood-Palm Valley at home. First serve is at 3:15.