The Marine Corps Public Affairs Office has notified Z107.7 that MOST civilian Department of Defense employees should return to work Monday morning. According to the announcement from the Twentynine Palms PAO, a limited number of employees will remain on furlough; employees who will remain on furlough will be contacted today by their command and told not to return to work. All others should return to work Monday for their regularly scheduled shift.


There are some sick sheep out in the wild, says Ranger Pam Tripp.  Beware…

Joshua Tree National Park has recently received a report of what appears to be a possible case of ecthyma on the bighorn sheep within the park. Lesions have been spotted and photographed on the nose of the sheep. This disease in non-lethal, but is contagious through direct contact with the animal and the affected area. Although there is rarely a chance of human contact with the bighorn sheep except during wildlife research, the following precautions are suggested to prevent transference of the disease: 1) Do not touch a sick or dead animal; 2) Report a sick or dead animal to the park’s resource division wildlife crew. As a reminder, please be aware that touching of animals in a national park is prohibited by law for the protection of both animals and humans. To report any sightings of bighorn sheep that have this disease, please contact wildlife biologists Michael Vamstad (760-367-5562) or Kristen Lalumiere (760-367-5577).

…That story was recorded before the Federal government shutdown, so you can’t call the numbers it gave, nor should you be in the Park looking for big horn sheep.  So if one shows up in your yard, don’t touch it…


The Animal Action League will be offering low-cost vaccine clinics in October for dogs and cats, as well as low-cost spaying and neutering. No appointments are necessary for vaccines; appointments are required for spay and neutering services. Clinics will be held from 10 to 2 at the following locations and dates: in Joshua Tree, behind the dinosaurs on Highway 62: October 7, 9, 10, 21, 22, 29 and 30; and at Wild Mustang Feed in MorongoValley, October 11. To make an appointment for spay or neutering, call 760-322-4560. Visit  for updated schedules on clinics.


The Cactus Sewables Quilt Guild will meet Monday, October 7, in the Yucca Room of the Yucca Valley Community Center. Doors open at 12:30; the meeting begins promptly at 1 p.m. The afternoon will begin with a live auction of hand-made, finished and unfinished quilts, and other miscellaneous quilting items. Yucca Valley Mayor Merl Abel will be the auctioneer. The general meeting will follow. Guests are welcome. A $3 donation is requested.


The California Retired Teachers’ Association will gather at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve for its October 11 meeting. Members will meet at the kiosk at 10 a.m., where they will be joined by botanist Robin Kobaly for a “walk and talk” along the wheelchair-accessible path. Those attending should bring a sack lunch, a beverage, and perhaps a comfortable chair since seating is limited. For more information, please call Sherry Craft at 760-881-5275.


High school yearbooks are a priceless treasure, but there is a price to produce them.  ROP Broadcasting student says you can help defray that cost by buying an ad…

If you own a business in the Twentynine Palms area the 29 Palms high school yearbook staff might just be the people for you to talk to. You could purchase an ad for a full page for $250, a half page for $200, a quarter page for $150, or a business card size ad for $125. In purchasing this ad you may promote your business or even congratulate a graduating senior. You may design this ad or give the 2013-2014 yearbook staff the details and they will design it for you. Reporting from Twentynine Palms High School, I’m ROP broadcasting student Bailey Hartmann.


Winning a large sweepstakes prize is a dream come true for many people. However, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if the win notification was actually a sweepstakes scam. One Joshua Tree resident fell victim to fraud this week. The man, who lives in the 64600 block of Sunflower Road, was contacted this week by someone who said he was the winner of a $1.25 million dollar sweepstakes prize, plus a car. All he had to do was send money for processing fees and insurance on the prize. The man sent $1700 before he realized he had been scammed. If you are called out of the blue that you won a prize, chances are it’s a scam. You can’t win if you didn’t enter the contest. In addition, legitimate sweepstakes will never ask you to pay fees to participate or to receive a prize. You should never have to pay handling charges, service fees, or any other kind of charges up front to receive a win—those are sure signs of sweepstakes scams. Report any scams to the Sheriff’s Department.